Floral Garage

As a busy mum, juggling work, the home and toddler minding... the first thing I look for when it comes to products and services I engage is CONVENIENCE and RELIABILITY.  I mean I want to just go online, click a few buttons and then offload that errand from my mind for good. (Seriously don't need to add on to my mental load).

Need to send a fruit and flower basket to a Friend who just gave birth? Need to send hampers out to clients during the festive season? Corporate accounts at Floral Garage get up to 11% discount and 30day credit limits.

Need to make sure a bouquet of fresh showers get delivered on time to your Girlfriend on her birthday? Just use an online flower shop like Floral Garage. They have professional florists who will put together the most beautiful bouquets for you.

I love that their delivery is reliable, their prices are reasonable. The basic hand bouquets start from just $29.90. And if you want to splash out, go for the premium bouquets or customise one to your liking. All flowers come together with a complimentary card, designed by in-house artists! Simply write your message after checkout.
Floral Garage does so much more than just flowers. Like DID Y Terrarium Kits! This makes a cool, quirky, alternative gift! And their Terrarium Kits have 20% discount now. They also have a good range of stuff for your party needs like balloons, decor, bunting, pinatas and loads more.

For Myla's birthday coming up, I ordered a whole bunch of foil balloons (she loves floating helium balloons!!!) for her. It's quite troublesome to get them because there's no shop nearby that sells them, they only sell the foil balloons but I would have to inflate them myself. And it doesn't make sense buying or renting my own helium tank. From Floral Garage, I can pick out the balloons I want, they will inflate them with helium (it lasts a couple of days at least before it loses its 'float') and deliver them to my door step. I'll share with you a pic of all the balloons on Instagram soon, look out for it!