Wellness Trufood, Tropiclean Life supplements and more Doggy Stuff!


Lola's haul from Kohepet's online has arrived :). Only a 2 day wait for delivery (free delivery), that's super fast, and so convenient. I want to show you some new pet food products, and and promotion prices at Kohepets that I had for this haul.

Oh by the way, apart from really good promo and sale prices, they also give out free samples for your pet to try (not just dog food, but there's stuff like cat litter, etc. Go have a look). I picked out a couple Sample packs of Addiction Dehydrated Food for Dogs. In 2 flavours for Lola to try; New Zealand Forest Delicacies (which is NZ bushnell and Venison with honey) and Perfect Summer Brushtail (which is brushtail with postatoes, papaya and sunflower seeds).
I can rehydrate it with warm water or just give it to Lola dry. She enjoys it both ways. It must be packed with so much flavour. I love it because its high in premium protein which is great for dogs, plus there's added vitamins and minerals.
She's also trying for the first time- Life by Tropiclean ultra concentrated supplements for dogs. She's getting older now, and it's important to provide her with added vitamins for immunity and health. I should have started this earlier, but I guess it's not too late now. Love this range because it's so convenient and easy to use. Each bottle of Tropiclean has roughly a 45 day supply. Just pump it into your pet's food bowl to support optimal nutrition. It has an oily texture (coconut oil and omega oils!), doesn't affect the taste of the food.
Wellness Trufood Tasty Pairings in Broth is new and on promo at Kohepets now (buy 3, get 1 free. ). Each bowl contains 2 layers of goodness - Shredded protein and diced fruit.

They are grain free, pure protein and contains nothing artificial. I chose Pumpkin, Lamb & Duck, and Chicken, Pumpkin & Beef for Lola. She is equally enthusiatic about both flavours.
In smaller pouches, there is Wellness Trufood Meal Complements. This is a delicious, juicy, flavourful broth with shredded meat and vegetables in it. Also 100% natural, grain free, no fillers. I add these meal complement pouches over Lola's kibbles, the broth helps soften them (especially good since Lola is a senior dog now, and finds chewing through hard kibbles less enticing then when she was younger). I also sometimes offer a ouch to her as a yummy snack treat.

I am really a big fan of Wellness's Trufood range now. Very good quality ingredients, Lola loves the taste, and not extravagant price for such a premium product. Especially while it's on promotion price now at Kohepets. Will order the other flavours next.

Kohepets now has a shelter donation program (Kohepets Cares), where anyone can help shelters like OSCAS & Lily Low Cat Shelter by buying for them essentials like food & shampoo at exclusive subsidised prices. Do check that out too.