Taking your Toddler to the Singapore Zoo

Flash cards and books are great learning and development tools for babies and toddlers. But nothing beats the real deal, real life experiences which they can take in. There's lots to do around Singapore that will make an excellent learning journey and create plenty of great memories for your little one. If you're looking for something easy to start with, take your toddler to the Singapore Zoo (it's Free if they are under 3 years old!). 
A trip to the zoo is quite easy and convenient. Some essential things you to pack: Insect repellent for mosquitos, snacks for your kid, water bottle (there are water points at the zoo where you can refill your bottles with cool water), an umbrella or raincoat in case it rains (there is not much sheltered area there). Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. That's it really!
Don't forget to grab a free Map on your way in. The grounds are vast, and while it's perfectly manageable for an adult to cover the entire zoo on foot, it would be too much for a young child or toddler to walk the entire zoo. Bring Your Stroller, or rent one there for $9. Or you can rent a small plastic red wagon instead for $15 and you can cart 2 kids in the wagon (it only has a waist strap to hold them in).
Tram Rides are optional, unlimited rides cost $5 for adults and $3 for kids (3-12yrs). We've gone to the zoo twice with Myla Rae, the first time we didn't ride the tram at all because we were happy to just explore the park on foot (and stroller), the second time we were there, we rode the tram just for a fun experience.

Most people get on and off the tram repeatedly to explore each section of the park. I found it a hassle having to queue for it, and then fold up the stroller, and squeeze on board... only to get off the next stop which was like a 5 minute walk away. So I prefer to just walk the grounds and see everything at our own pace. If you do want the tram experience for yourself and your child, I suggest getting on the tram as soon as you arrive. Then you just sit on it from start to finish, so you can get a good feel of where the different sections of the zoo are. Then when you get off the tram, you can start exploring the park on foot.
Take note of show timings. There's usually a morning and afternoon session for each show (there are 4 different shows around the park). If you have a very young toddler (esp under 2yrs), don't expect them to be engaged and sit still for the entire show. That's why we chose to sit by the aisles and towards the back, so we can exit the show arena easily halfway through when Myla Rae got too fidgety and restless. We haven't managed to see any show in it's entirety. Lol. But still a lot of fun. Just roll with it! 
 Overall, she had an awesome time looking at the animals in their enclosures. It was a very engaging experience for her. I loved how her eyes would open wide with wonder as she looked at the animals move around, eat, or interact.
 For lunch break, there are a few restaurant/cafĂ©/food court options. You will see it in the park map.  There's Ah Meng Kitchen, the Chawang Bistro, and the Wild Deli. Prices are higher than what you would typically find in malls and neighbourhood eateries... but I found it still ok. Like $3 for a small bottle of coke, $10 for a plate of food there abouts. If you prefer, pack your own food, there are lots of benches and rest areas to eat at while watching the animals.
Oh and don't don't miss the Rainforest Kidzworld section of the zoo. It's a great place for kids. It is like a petting zoo (rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, etc), has a carousel ride and a water play area. Bring a change of clothes for your child and yourself if you're planning to let your little one play in the water play area. Sure to get wet. If you forget to bring your child's swimsuit or towel, they do sell swimwear and swim accessories at the kiosk there. Oh there's also a KFC in this section, incase you prefer fast food.
The zoo is stimulating, thrilling and educational to children of all ages. They get a chance to learn about animals and their behavior. It's a great way to bond with your child, and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

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What other places of interest have you taken your toddler to? Do share with me :)