Ramadan Bazaar IS for everyone

There's lots I want to say and share with you but I've been apprehensive about crafting blog posts over the past year because I usually don't have the time to sit down and give things 'extra' thought in order to articulate my opinions the best way possible.

I squeeze this one out while my toddler watches 10 minutes of TV. I want to share with you what I feel because I think that the outrage and anger that people feel is due to the fact that they feel they have been wronged (but really it is not so), and the purpose is not to offend.

I've seen so many FB rants lately about the Ramadan Bazaar in Geylang. This bazaar is usually on during the Muslim's fasting month, leading up to Hari Raya. And the gripe this year from quite a few of my Muslim friends is that there are stalls at this bazaar which are not Halal.

I understand the displeasure. I mean the bazaar is called Ramadan Bazaar, you would expect that the stalls within this bazaar all be in line with Ramadan and hence be halal.

However, your choices are- to just not go to this bazaar since you deem that most of the stalls are not suitable for you .... or to still go and enjoy the atmosphere and be selective in the stalls you patronize. After all, there will be halal stalls there in need of your support. Right?

There is no need to play the victim.

You see, it's all about money... everything nowadays is getting more and more commercial and profit driven. I'm not saying that it's great thing, but it is however a necessity. The person who is organizing the bazaar is not doing it for the spirit of Ramadan, he is doing it to capitalize and make the most profit possible. You have to understand that. If you don't want it that way then you take the financial risk and organize the next one.

And this (commercialization and the loss of 'authenticity') has been happening since way back. Count yourselves lucky that it has only started to affect your religious holiday only now.

For instance, our supermarkets have a Halal option in their Christmas food menu (the packages you can pre order for your Christmas meal). I mean like what the fuck for? It's a Christmas menu.... Christmas... the Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus.  *big confused eyes*

This kind of thing has been happening since way back, it's just that we didn't choose to bitch about it on Facebook and play the victim card. It is what it is.. we still have the choice to order the Halal Christmas meal, or not to order it and get a proper Christmas meal with traditional smoked ham etc.

It's all a business. And the way our society is (multi racial) there cannot be exclusion. I was very shocked to see comments on Facebook about how the Ramadan Bazaar should be for Muslims and/or Malays only. Have you never shopped at a Christmas bazaar/sale?

I'm sorry that your Ramadan Bazaar isn't like what it used to be. But a Ramadan Bazaar isn't what your Ramadan is about (I think I am correct in assuming this). Just like Cold Storage selling a butchered version of 'traditional' Christmas meals isn't what my Christmas is about. It's just business.

So don't let hate in.