Everyday Play Experience

Myla Rae loves to play... she loves her books with sounds and textures, she loves her puzzles like the shape sorter and hoops, she loves her Leap Frog lap pup which is like a baby laptop that plays music, and she loves going to indoor playgrounds. While all these keep her entertained, I noticed that she has a keen interest in what we adults were doing too.
So I incorporated our adult everyday things (which we take for granted) into a play experience for her. She gets to feel like a BIG person (she loves being just like us!), these things improve her fine motor skills, it's fun for her, she's learning without feeling like it's hard work and it doesn't cost me much at all!

Here are 2 of our favourite " everyday" play experiences.

1. A Wallet

Everytime we were out and I would pay for things, she would have a keen eye on my wallet and my actions. Then my husband started giving her his wallet to hold and play with while we were out because it kept her busy and contented in her stroller. However, she's still just a very young child, and would often throw his money or cards on the floor as she's playing, so we'd have to keep a sharp eye on her the whole time.

So finally, I took an old wallet we didn't need anymore, and slotted it with cards which we didn't use anymore. That's her wallet now, and she absolutely loves it to bits. It keeps her entertained for a very long time. She loves removing and slotting her cards into the individual compartments, this is a great fine motor exercise. I haven't given her any coins yet, but will add those in later on when she's older and won't accidentally swallow them.

And most adorably, when the waiter comes to us with the bill (or even if someone at the next table is paying their bill), she will take her wallet and stretch out to try to hand it to the waiter, saying "TA!!".

2. A Laundry Basket

A good part of my week is spent doing the laundry and ironing. So I've made it part of her play experience as well. Grappling with the laundry basket (sometimes heaped full of clothes), is great exercise for her. The large physical movements (when she reaches into the basket to sort and pick stuff out) are great developing strength. She also enjoys climbing in and out of the basket, which develops her problem solving skills (she used to fall in head first lol). And I'm using this laundry activity to develop her language skills. I am usually ironing very close by while she's in her play yard with the laundry basket, and when I'm done with one piece, I will ask her to fetch me another shirt to iron. This is a good way to teach colours too.

So if you haven't already incorporated "everyday" play into your tot's day, you could start with an unwanted wallet and the laundry basket! You'll be amazed how fun (and educational!) these items are for them... and best of all, it makes your chores more fun too!

For more tips and ideas on how you can give your child more learning experiences as they grow, check out
Friso's Learning & Experiences page for useful articles and resources. I picked up lots of good tips and a better understanding of toddler development from the site.

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