Eeek. People are so Self Centred

You know, when I was on my own, I would hold doors open for others and let others enter the lift first etc, that sort of thing. I wouldn't even think of it, it's just a regular thing. It doesn't cost me anything (hardly a few seconds of my time) to be polite/considerate.

But now when I'm with Myla, either I'm pushing her stroller or carrying her in my Tula plus bags of groceries... it's made me aware that wow people are quite inconsiderate and only care about themselves.
Just today, I was in the lift with Myla in her stroller. Then half way down, another woman enters with her daughter around 7-8 years old, and she's pushing a stroller with a toddler about 3 years old inside it.

When the lift door opens on the ground floor, her daughter and her move out first. Which is fine, they're closest to the door anyway. And then I'm following behind them, we are all heading to the condo gate.

Now this gate is pretty heavy, and once u press the unlock button you have a few seconds to swing it open otherwise it locks again. But I always manage to unlock it, hold it open and then swing Myla's stroller through, just struggle a bit.

Well anyway, The woman unlocks the gate, her 7-8 year old walks through, then she seems to struggle to get her stroller through. So I park my stroller next to the gate (on the inside), and I go and hold the gate open for her.

Ok now, here's the surprising part....I hold the gate for her and she pushes her stroller through, and off she goes. I was kinda expecting maybe she would park her stroller at the outside of the gate, and then hold the gate open for me so I could go get my stroller and push it through as well.

It's not like a BIG problem, I just reached my leg out and hooked my stroller with my foot and pulled it towards the gate opening. Maneuvered it through and went on my way. But I was just surprised that she so didn't-give-a-shit about me, right after I had helped her.

Then I went to the MRT station. A husband + stroller and his wife were waiting alongside me, for the lift. The lift doors opened, the wife held the Door open button. And her husband + stroller went into the lift. Then instead of letting me get in next with my stroller, she just let go of the button and went in right after him. And both of them didn't bother to press the door open button from the inside, they just stood there, bochup. So I pressed it on the outside (cos I scared it might shut on the stroller) and then quickly pushed the stroller in.

Why are people so like that?


  1. Having lived in several cities around the world, I have discovered people in smaller towns tend to be more considerate in these things. Big city people rarely even stop to think about these small gestures. Of course if you are pretty and young and female, you will probably not see a lack of attention/consideration (especially when it comes to guys!).

    However, it feels good to do these for others even if others don't to you.


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