Sashimi for Dogs :) Yum!!!

Lookie at what's new at Kohepets online ! Sashiiiimiiiiii ! Yummy chunks of freeze dried salmon especially for your fur babies (They have a version for cats too).
Left to Right: Jumbo chunks and Small Chunks

Angel's Salmon Sashimi Dog Treats come in a Jumbo Version and Small chunks version. It's stated that there are more than 10 pieces of jumbo sized sahimi in a pack or over 50 pieces (woah!) of the small sized sashimi. Just $6.90 a pack. I got them both to compare... and honestly, there's not such a large difference in size. And there was much much more than 10 pieces in my Jumbo pack.... more like 20plus pieces. Nett weight for both packs are the same. So either one that you pick is fine... if you have a larger dog, go jumbo.
Small sized pieces of Salmon Sashimi

It's pure Freeze-dried 100% Wild Alaskan salmon. Giving Lola lots of Omega 3 for healthy skin & coat. These all natural gourmet treats are free from artificial additives, making it a healthy and delicious daily treat for Lola.
Itadakimasu! It's very very yummy to Lola.

Here's the rest of her haul from kohepets. Singapore Delivery is free for orders above $60. Do look out for their promo items and add some free samples to your cart too. :)
Oooh... another item I want to show you is this Bio X Shield. I first read great reviews about it in my mummy groups online. They use this as a disinfectant spray on their kids, especially when going to playgrounds/playgroups where there's a risk of picking up germs from other kids. Works like a hand sanitizer, only better cos you use it before the kid is exposed to germs/bacteria and it forms a shield on their skin. Plus it is also an insect repellent. 

It's safe for pets and kids, using all natural ingredients, no alcohol, nothing harsh. You can spray it in the air like those baygon type mosquito and cockroach sprays, only this is safe for homes with pets and kids! It deodorises, so if you have smelly pets, this helps. You can spay directly onto skin too. I spray it on Myla's legs now (cos she got some nasty mozzie bites on her thighs last week, so poor thing. Wish I found this Bio X Shield thing earlier).

Totally loving this item, so glad I can get Bio X products at KohePets now. Only $6.90. They have larger ones too, which I shall get next time round.

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