Overnight Oats for Babies

I first came across overnight oats in a Facebook post by my cousin. It was a delicious looking photo of some overnight oats she had made in a small jar in the fridge for her husband's breakfast.

I cook oats in milk for Myla Rae every morning for breakfast. She loves her oats in milk. So I thought it would be a nice change for her to have cold refreshing overnight oats instead. I catered it to her baby requirements and taste buds... she tried it and she loves it!

Baby overnight oats is a tasty, fast and healthy breakfast option. Overnight oats are oats soaked in any liquid - milk, yoghurt - while they sit overnight in the fridge. This will soften and plump up the oats so totally no cooking is required the next morning. Just take it from the fridge and serve!

By mixing a few of your baby's favourite ingredients, you will have a nutrient packed meal your little one is sure to love. The fiber from the oats and protein from the milk is sure to fill their little bellies and give them the nutrients needed.
Here's some ingredients you can add into your baby's overnight oats.
Yoghurt or Milk
You can mix the oats with yoghurt but I don't. Plain Greek yogurt has a bold tangy flavor that Myla doesn't really like with her oats. So I give her the yoghurt as a snack later in the day, with fruit instead.
I prefer mixing oats with Myla Rae's Friso Gold stage 2 formula milk because it's convenient to mix up a small portion, it has a pleasant taste which she likes and it also has all the nutrients to support her development, digestion and good gut health. Perfect method of including the benefits of milk into her diet when she's refusing to drink from the bottle (when teething!), and also we are weaning from the bottle.
I usually mix one part milk to one part oats. This gives us quite a thick consistency the next morning, which makes it easy for her to feed herself as it will be gooey enough to stick to her spoon. When she is older and more capable with utensils, I will make it one part oats to two parts milk so her overnight oats will be less gunky and more creamy. If you are spoon feeding, you can adjust the consistency to make it perfect for your little one.
Peanut butter

I recently started giving her peanut butter. It's yummy! I add one heaped teaspoon and stir, before putting the whole bowl in the fridge to rest overnight. One of her favourite combinations is chunks of banana and peanut butter. These two go really well with oats and milk.
For some natural sweetness, add a tablespoon of honey. Take note that you should not give a baby younger than 1 year old any honey.

You can mix in any fruit your baby likes. Blue berries, banana, kiwi, etc just make sure it's ripe. You can leave them in crunchy little chunks or mash it to help it better incorporate into the mixture.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds is a superseed. And I see loads of overnight oats recipes using Chia seeds. They are very nutritious. However, I haven't added them to Myla Rae's diet because I read that babies can't digest them enough to gain any benefits. It'll just come out in their poop. So, it's your decision if you want to add it or not. If you do want to introduce Chia seeds, having them in overnight oats is perfect  as these super seeds need time to absorb liquid.
Whatever your ingredients of choice, all you need to do is mix them together, cover the container with a lid, and leave in the fridge overnight (or at least 4-6 hours).
If you're still not sure what ingredients to add in, click here to read about your child's nutritional needs between 1-3 years old, food safety and much more.
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  1. Hi Holly

    Just wondering, u soak the oats in friso milk overnight in the fridge?

  2. Yes that's right. I mix the formula as pernormal (room temp water). And then mix and let it soak overnight in fridge. As Long as it's covered and in fridge, up to 24hrs is no problem.

  3. Anonymous7:03 pm


    May I please know the measurement if you added milk and water to the oats? Is it also okay not to mix any fruit and just let him eat the overnigt oats alone? Thank you!

  4. Sorry I don’t have exact measurement ... I usually just eyeball it. Approx enough milk to cover the oats completely. Yes it’s ok to not have any fruit but maybe if baby is over a year old u can add some honey to it for nicer taste ?


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