Explorer Kids Indoor Playground Review

This is our first review of an indoor playground. Decided to try out Explorer Kids (we went to Ang Mo Kio hub but there's one at Down Town East too) because their rates for babies and toddlers is much lower than other play gyms/ indoor playgrounds. Just $5 for under 3 year olds (and 1 parent gets to go in free with the child). Their kids rates are about $12 I think.

I chose to go today (Thursday) cos I read online that they wash the balls in the ball pit every Wednesday night. Lol.... the less germy the better right. I would avoid this place on Mondays because it's Members Day and they get entry for $4, so it will be swamped with older kids since its much cheaper that day. For a tot, not much difference since the normal price is $5 anyway... so might as well go on a less crowded, non promo day.

I read reviews online saying the place is bad and service is poor. But when I got there at 12noon ( their weekday opening time), the girl on duty was friendly and helpful. At 12noon, there was just one other child there, he was about 7 years old.

When I was putting on my socks, he was putting on his socks too (his mom was just sitting at the bench nearby) and he said to me " You so big already, still want to play?"


Then I said, "I'm not here to play, I'm a parent! I brought my baby here to play." And I pointed to Myla in my Tula carrier.

Then he said "Ohhhh... I thought that your school bag"

-_-  wise ass.  lol

By 1pm, the place got more crowded, about 6 more tots and maybe 3 kids above 5. The majority of the guests were walking toddlers, just a little older than Myla... about a year and a half to about 2 plus years old.

There was ample space, I didn't feel like it got too rowdy. There were 2 ball pits, one in the toddler area and one larger one in the mega play zone. The mega play zone is for older kids, even though it's mostly padded, it is not suitable for toddlers who don't understand danger yet as there are drops and places they can get wedged into, so if you take them in, be extra watchful.

I did take Myla into the mega playzone to explore. And found the flooring a bit dusty ( I could feel it with my hands). Other than that it was ok, not run down or worn out.

She loved the ball pit, the area with soft large blocks, and also liked to climb up the Mega Play zone 'steps'... it was all a good workout for her.

We left after 1 and a half hours ( I was only planning to stay for 1 hour but time passed fast). And she slept the whole way home. So unlike her kpo self, cos she hardly sleeps while we are out. So she must have exhausted herself and yes she did have a lot of fun.

Wish they had some small toddler slides for her to go on. I will be back again, it's not too far from my place. (By the way if u have any places to recommend that's around Novena area please let me know, I'd like to try. Heard there's a nice one called Kid's Amaze Safra Toa Payoh that has a good size area for toddlers to tumble around?).



  1. Those are really affordable entry prices. I might bring the kids there one day, thanks for sharing. Also, LOL'ed at "so big already still want to play?". Kids these days...

  2. I love visiting Indoor playgrounds with my kids. This one too looks great. Would love to visit.

  3. Still don't have a very good impression on Explorerkids hahahahah. The little wise ass is quite funny though! Thinking Tula is a school bag that you carried in front (like you're some ah lian hippy LOL). Can't deny that $5 is a good entry rate! Except that most places, kids under 3 enter for free lah woman!

  4. Babe! If you go to the one at downtown east, let me know! Maybe we can go together... hang our while my bubba run around like mad!

  5. Interesting place....looks like your kids had some serious fun. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous11:09 am

    You could try cool de sac at suntec too. My friend brought her daughter there and she loved it


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