"blink, Bindi" Giveaway :)

Myla Rae received a delightful package from Abbott earlier this week. 
It had beautiful illustrations of animals in the jungle which asked, "Will you blink with Bindi?"
Inside was a box of the new blink Lid-Clean Eye Lid Wipes, a book titled Blink, Bindi, and some personalised stickers with her name on it. So thoughtful!
Blink, Bindi is a kids book featuring Bindi, a little slow loris who wakes up with crusty eyes, unable to see clearly. Bindi ventures into the jungle in search of Mummy Loris. Encountering one new jungle friend after another, Bindi learns the dos and don'ts of caring for its eyes. The book is colourful, and engaging.. with interactive execises to enhance children's visual skills including tracking, focusing, memory and perceptual processing. It also incorporates a step by step guide on how to use the wipes to learn how to clean eyes on their own. It's a simple, beneficial routine.
Of course, younger toddlers like Myla Rae won't really understand it yet but she still loves the book and it's adorable characters. She loves flipping the pages and making oooh aahhh sounds as she gets excited. Older toddlers and kids will be able to follow the story line and practice the simple eye care routine too. (It is also educational for parents!) And as a bedtime story book, it's great for babies and children of all ages.  

blink Lid-Clean Cleansing Eye Lid Wipes are specially formulated to soothe, moisturize and clean lids effectively. They are hypoallergenic and preservative free, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, suitable for babies and children as well as those with sensitive skin. You can use it as an eye make up remover for yourself too.
Each box has 20 individually sealed wipes in sterile packs, perfect for popping a few in my diaper bag on the go. And the individual sachets mean I don't have to worry about the wipes drying out. They're always fresh for each use.

This is the first time I tried the blink Lid-Care wipes on her. She loves the feeling, it's very soothing. There's no need to rinse off.
What’s the key natural ingredient in blink Lid-Clean Cleansing Eye Lid Wipes that helps to refresh and sooth your eyelids?

Chamomile is a natural ingredient which help cool and refresh your eyelids.

You can buy blink Lid-Clean Cleansing Eye Lid Wipes at supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore for $16 a box. Look out for introductory offers at Guardian and Watsons.

Myla Rae wants your family to enjoy the delightful Blink, Bindi book and a box of the blink Lid-Clean wipes too. There are 3 sets to giveaway!
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