Healthy Alternative to Raw Hide Chews

Today's post is for our fur babies.
Lola waiting for her SmartBones treat from Myla Rae
 I’m gonna have to say rawhide is really bad for dogs. There's no nutrients in it, can harbour bacteria, cause gastric irritation, or worst of all, even a blockage.
But chewing is an essential, healthy and enjoyable activity for dogs. Dog chews help keep teeth clean, jaws strong and are mentally stimulating to help prevent boredom and destructive behavior. As a pet parent, you should ensure that you satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instinct in a safe and satisfying way.  
There's a product called SmartBones from Kohepets. Dogs get all the benefits of a rawhide chew - in a rawhide-free chew. Yes, no raw-hide in it. But the texture and "chewability" in it is similar to rawhide, so my dog really enjoys it. Plus all SmartBones are made of a formula which contains real chicken and vegetables. Making it highly digestible, and nutritious as they are fortified with vitamins and minerals!
I've been giving Lola mini chews from SmartBones for at least a year now. She gets one daily, just before bedtime. Chewing really relaxes her. She has always been having either the Chicken flavoured mini bone or the Peanut Butter flavoured mini bone. She absolutely goes bonkers for the peanut butter one. A pack of mini chews is only $8.50.
I get her Smartbones from Kohepets Online whenever I order her other dog food supplies from them. Their prices are competitive, there are always sales and promo prices (look in their sales tab), samples, and a wide range of products from all over the world which you don't get to see on the shelves in our pet stores. Plus delivery is FREE for orders over $60. And fast too (within 2 days).

If you've noticed, Kohepets now has a new website layout and logo.The new layout is very easy to browse and navigate. Plus clear photos of the products you're buying and all the nutritional information on it too. Oh, do LIKE them on Facebook if you haven't already, because when they reach 10K followers (really close to that now), they will launch a really good promotion for all followers... shhh! Is secret for now! I'll keep you updated on this.
Now Kohepets has expanded their range of Smartbones... hoorahhhhh.... there's a big variety of tantalizing flavors, shapes and sizes.
Here are 2 new ones we just tried:

SmartBones SmartSticks Calming Care Dog Chews 16pc $14.50
Perfect for a before bedtime chew (or an anytime of the day chew if you have a hyper dog lol). It contains chamomile and lavender extracts.
Lola holding on to her SmartBones Calming Care Chew

I'm not sure if there's any noticeable calming effects on Lola... she looks pretty much the same, but she's quite a chilled out dog in the first place. It did have a calming effect on ME though. Lol. I find the scent of this particular chew very very pleasant.

The size of SmartSticks are nice size for treats - not too big, but not so small that she can gobble them up too fast.

SmartBones SmartSticks Hip & Joint Care Dog Chews 16pc ($14.50)
I chose to try this one because Lola is entering her twilight years... *OMG I WANT TO CRY*... and sometimes I can hear her hips clicking as she walks. It doesn't happen all the time, I'm not sure what triggers it.

These chews have guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin help support healthy joints. The light-colored portion of this grain-based chew contains a mix of vegetables and chicken. The brown-colored portion contains real chicken as well as chicken cartilage and green-lipped mussel (natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin).

Super tasty for her, she loves it. Chews at it non stop until it is gone. Some times she swallows chunks because she's damn greedy. But SmartBones doesn't cause any blockage or upset stomach or loose stool. SmartBones actually exceed the digestibility level of premium dog foods.

So while I get loads of different stuff from Kohepets which Lola loves, I wanted to share with you more about SmartBones in particular... it's the best we've had! You can view the whole range of SmartBones available at Kohepets Online.