Shoes for Baby Walking!

Myla Rae is about to start walking soon :) She can stand, and she can cruise while holding on to things. She has yet to take independent steps. But I think she'll do it quite soon, exciting times ahead....
Eh Mummy, Why I got no shoes???
Her previous shoes were all pre-walker type, or most of the time, she just wears socks when we go out, since her feet didn't touch the ground.... until last week lol.
So excited for her to try her first pair of walking shoes from Hiro & Jack. Her feet are 10cm so she wears size 11 cm. (Measure baby's foot from heel to toe and +1cm for a good comfy fit) The Walker range has 12 and 14cm too. The pre-walker range has smaller sizes, even preemie size. Their shoes come in a whopping 38 Designs now.

All handmade and they ship baby shoes worldwide.
Some really cute and Christmasy designs available this season! 

I find these Hello Kitty Ribbons so sweet and adorable. They are from the Winter Collection.

She took to them very well, they are not a big adjustment for Myla Rae (so she didn't try to rip them off!) as it's not a big jump from her pre-walker shoes or socks, these are just as soft and comfy.

The difference is, the Walker range of shoes has a non-slip sole, this gives them more stability and traction when walking... or trying to walk. Now her feet will be well protected when we are out, and she wants to toddle and explore.

Check out the awesome trendy designs for your dapper looking baby.

They have gift hampers too, perfect for Christmas coming up :) All at Hiro & Jack online and on Facebook and IG .