Out Takes- Myla's Christmas Card Photo Shoot

So today, I put Myla Rae in her Party Frock which my cousin Jess gave her a while back. And took her photo for the Chirstmas cards we are sending out this year.

Oh man it's hot outside on our balcony, so we could only tolerate a very short shoot..... hahaa... but ok ah, I got the shot I want to use for printing on the Christmas cards.

Here are some out takes. :)
(I didn't bother to edit the lighting all that la... will only edit the one I'm using for the cards)

I'm going to use PostSnap to send this year's cards. Have used them quite a bit for the past few months, and love the quality (my mom frames up every Myla picture card she receives lol).  Postage is free in UK and USA so perfect since most of our recipients are there. But they can also send to Singapore etc, there's a postage fee for that.

To get your £1.99 (that's about $4) free credit, use referral code - 917182 when you sign up (click here). (This is not an advertorial... am just sharing what I am currently using).