Letters to Myla Rae - Your First Best Friend

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My Dearest Myla Rae,

Today's letter is about your very first best friend Lola. It just occurred to me that I should tell you about her in this letter because she's getting old now. And while I wish for her to be your best friend until you're like 5 years old and can remember your time with her... I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach today that told me she might not be around that long.

I adopted Lola almost 8 years ago. I've slept in the same bed as Lola for many years more than I've shared a bed with your father. I think by the time I met him, she was already 3 to 4 years old. She is family to me. To us.

Your friendship with Lola started from my belly.

This photo was taken one evening at week 34, and the very next day, I went for my regular check up, and ended up not coming home. I was admitted, and we tried to keep you safe inside me for as long as possible.

Lola was very shaken by this. I had gone on holidays without her before, but I suppose she knew this time was different. Your father would update me about how Lola was very restless, and just not herself.

Lola never takes things that are not hers (not even your squeaky toys now, she won't touch them), she doesn't mess stuff, so I can leave practically anything lying around and she won't touch. But one evening at home, Lola went into the spare room (supposed to be your room but we hadn't set up the cot or anything yet at this point), she dug through bags and bags of your stuff ( these were hand me down clothes, some new bedding I bought for you, and I think some toys too). And she started tearing up the bags and removing the contents, then burrowing and making a nest. David snapped a pic and sent it to me. I wish I hadn't deleted it (it wasn't significant at that time). He just said - "I think your dog's gone mad. lol".

It was her doggy 6th sense.. because the very next day (which was a week after I was admitted to hospital), after one final scan, the doctor said you would be safer out of me. And so you were born!

This is when you were 10 days old. Day 2 of you being home from hospital. So everything was still pretty new to everyone... but Lola took to you like a fish to water.

And since then, Lola has never left your side.
At this stage you're probably way too young to remember any of this on your own. So here are some of my favourite pictures of you and your best friend, so you can take a trip down memory lane ... whenever you want to.
Both of you like to gang up and guilt trip me when I'm eating without you both. Lol.
You used to pull her fur and swing your hands in a slapping motion to pat her, but you soon learnt from observing us, that gentle pats are the best way to show your love.
 I hope you will always love and be kind and gentle to animals. By the time you're a teenager reading this, Lola would be long gone to doggy heaven... but rejoice in the fact that for her twilight years, she enjoyed being around you so much.

Love you,
Mum (& Lola!)


  1. Anonymous11:33 pm

    If David sent you the pic of Lola digging the "nest" via Whatsapp, just go to the chat, tap on his contact name, tap on media, it should be inside.

    1. But I clear my conversation history very often on my phone. 😞

    2. Anonymous1:29 pm

      Maybe David kept the pic?


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