BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence

For years now, we have been aware of the youth-promoting effects of collagen supplements.. Collagen is an important fibrous protein that is found in connective tissue – it's in our bones, our joints and is also a major component of our skin. With collagen supplements, we can maximize collagen levels in our body to support the skin’s structural foundation to improve firmness and elasticity for youthful and supple skin.

With BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence, it goes a step further with its unique RubySignature™ Formula which is a combination of micro-collagen peptides and Astaxanthin. 

I prefer to consume natural and wholesome ingredients, because I feel we are truly what we eat. Unlike normal collagen, RubySignature™ formula is made with a unique blend of ingredients derived from natural sources, not synthetic. It contains micro-collagen and one of mother nature’s most powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin (this is a micro-algae extract). Astaxanthin is the special ingredient that makes BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence different from other collagens in the market today.

The buzzword for fighting aging has always been anti-oxidant for years now. We know we need anti-oxidants in our diet to give us good skin and health. I try to eat as many superfoods as I can conveniently incorporate into my everyday lifestyle. Astaxanthin is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant, and is scientifically proven to be 800 times more powerful than CoQ10, 6000 times more than Vitamin C, 500 times more than Vitamin E. It's an amazingly powerful ingredient!

In fact, Astaxanthin is the key ingredient in contributing to BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen’s effectiveness. Astaxanthin added to collagen creates this natural shield against the collagen being depleted from my skin cells by stresses beyond my control such as age, the lack of sleep or even the sun! And because it has both micro-collagen and astaxanthin, RubySignature™ formula helps to fight aging of our skin by naturally providing us with 3 things -  supplying collagen, protecting against collagen depletion and delivering collagen effectively to our skin cells. Perfect for a busy lifestyle because all the things my skin needs to maintain its youth and health is there for me in one tasty drink.

Designed to complement your topical skincare routine, in just 6 weeks you will be able to experience skin rejuvenating power with BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence*.

I have been enjoying 2 bottles of BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence daily for 2 weeks now. And it's been very convenient to add to my diet. I chill them in my fridge and just drink one every morning and evening. It's something I really look forward to because it tastes great. No need to pop any yucky supplement pills (I'm never good with pills and will miss out many days because I'm forgetful and also swallowing a pill is not something I would look forward to).

The essence comes individually sealed in small glass bottles. It tastes fresh and has a pleasant fruity flavour. Trust me, it does not taste medicinal at all (if it did, I would not drink it). I love it cold and just drink it straight from the bottle, but here I've poured one out into a glass so you can see its rich colour and smooth texture. It's my power packed daily juice treat!

After just a couple of weeks, I feel that my skin texture has improved and it is also firmer than before. I think this is because the BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence has greatly improved skin moisture and hydration so my skin is much more supple.

Even with my late nights ( I usually complete the house chores, work on my writing and keep up with social media channels after baby sleeps!) and busy days with my hands full keeping the little one out of trouble, I don't wake up with tired looking skin. And if I have to doll up for any meetings or events, I have found that my make up goes on better now because my skin texture has improved.

I've also noted that my hair and nails have improved in quality so far. I am looking forward to seeing more improvement over the next few weeks.
This product also comes in a strip form which you can eat... it tastes like yummy gummy jelly. It's very convenient to take on the go.

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* Results may vary according to individuals