Mongee Fruit for Dogs SALE at Kohepets Online

Another delivery from Kohepets online arrived on our doorstep yesterday. Delivery is Free for orders over SGD60, and it only takes about 2 days!

You know, I don't know if it's because Lola is now into her senior years, or is it because we have a baby in the house now... but for the past months she has become a less enthusiastic eater. She's still healthy, and a loving dog... but just extra extra extra mellow now. She doesn't pig out like she used to, some days she just leaves the food in he bowl until the end of the day.
So I decided to try a different range of tray food for her, like maybe she was bored of her old ones. I saw that there's a new range from Monge with real fruit inside! It was a gamble, cos I was afraid she might reject it... but I'm glad to see her get her appetite back and finish up her doggy bowl straight after I fill it with Monge Fruit!
 This one is Monge Fruit - Turkey Pate & Chunky Blueberries. You can really see the chunks of yummy blue berries in the turkey pate. Must be so tasty for dogs.
There are 5 more flavours... like lamb & Apple, Duck & Orange, Salmon & Pear... etc. Click here to check this range out. It's 12 trays at $1.90 each.
I may have gone overboard with the treats this time... hahahaha... Could not resist, there's a promo, 5 packets for $10 (so just $2 each) for the Bow Wow sticks.  This batch will last her until the end of the year! Easy to stock up at one shot mah, cos it's cheaper and also it's conveniently delivered to my house.
You can click here to look at what's on sale, promo, clearance, samples at Kohepets online for your dog, cat, bird, hamster basically any furbaby you have ... but not for human baby haha .... :)