Living Next to an Air BnB

On my floor, out of the 4 apartments, only mine is owner-resident. Two are tenanted (so we have new neighbours every year or so) and the studio apartment right next to mine is a freaking AirBnB place.

So that means, I get new neighbours every week or so. The low murmur of lugugage wheels going across my door step is so common, I am immune to it now.

There are pros and cons to living next to an air BnB apartment...

I do not have to make friends and I prefer it that way because I'm an introvert. Their stay is temporary anyway.

I don't have to put up with having shitty neighbours for too long ... even the shittiest of guests will leave after a week's stay or so.

The owner is a very nice man. He was one of our first neighbours. Him and us were one of the firsts to get the keys to the units. So for some months it was just us 3 (David, myself and Chong) on this floor. We would often give each other food and snacks, and always be on friendly terms. Then he got himself a girlfriend who already had kids, and that studio apartment is only meant for like a bachelor. So he moved to Pasir ris where rent is cheaper and he could get a bigger unit, while renting this one out.

Guests tend to book the place to throw loud late night parties.
Had this many times already.... especially during school holidays. Gone are the days where teens would book chalets for class parties and gatherings. Now it seems they prefer a high rised apartment with a view. -_- Worst part is, some of these idiot teenagers will ring my house intercom when they're trying to gain entry into the building.. either they press the buttons wrongly and hit my unit instead... or they're getting no response from the unit their friends are in, so hey why not ring a random number and have them buzz me in.

My dog barks at strangers.
Everytime we get new long term tenants in the other 2 units on my floor, she will bark for a week or so, until she is used to them being around. But now, with the Air BnB unit having a high turnover, eek. I suppose that's my fault cos I can't seem to train her not to bark at strangers traipsing across my doorway.

Some Air BnB guests are assholes.
Just this morning, as my dog was barking at the door. I looked through the peephole, and saw a young indian boy (maybe 4 years old) kicking about the shoes which we leave at our doorstep. He was obviously trying to disturb Lola. His parents were waiting by the lifts. So I purposely turned the door knobby thingy to unlock. (It makes a loud clicking noise). And suddenly when they heard that, they quickly gestured to their son to come towards them. Macam innocent. Sometimes I feel like just opening the door and letting my dog accidentally run out at them. She won't bite people, but she will run at strangers in our corridor like she's a mad rabid dog. Maybe that will be enough to make them shit their pants. haha.

Over Crowding.
This does not happen often, but while a hotel will ensure that their hotel rooms are not stretched beyond maximum occupancy... an AirBnb owner will rarely turn away business. So I've had that tiny 500Sq ft studio apartment next to us look like an absolute clown car... Mother, father, child, baby, grand mother, grand father.... wtf, are u guys sleeping in there all stacked up above each other?!

I supposed they are entitled to enjoy the space that they have paid for, rightfully so. I've been an Air BnB guest a few times myself while overseas. But ugh, it can be quite annoying living right next to one!



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