The End of Mr & Mrs Smith . The #Brangelina Break Up

I know this is pretty mean spirited of me, and rather petty bahahahaha. But the recent news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce sounds like such sweet poetic justice.
While he was married to Jennifer Aniston.... Anyone remember that crazy rumor that Brad Pitt was actually cheating with another woman that he co-starred in a movie with?

It turned out her name was Angelina Jolie.

They ended up together before the ink on the Aniston Vs. Pitt divorce papers got a chance to dry. Sure, the two have gone on to have a long (and often times enviable) relationship spanning 14 years, 6 children and a marriage a couple years ago. But it doesn't change the fact that cheaters will always be cheaters!

I don't like cheaters, and I especially don't like women who are (knowingly) home wreckers.

I (along with the world) felt so sorry for Jennifer Aniston then. Sure, now she is doing great. She got over him. But in my honest opinion, Jennifer didn't let him go until he'd been gone some time. And that made me sad.

Anyhoooo... the reason for the divorce, according to Angelina, are irreconcilable differences. Mainly because Brad's "Parenting style" was different from hers. I think this is just a smoke screen. He's probably been away most of the time filming his ... what? seventh movie in the last 3 years? How bad can one's parenting style be to warrant taking a parent away from the kids for good?  I suppose that's a less embarrassing reason than- someone younger and more current just did to me, what I did to my husband's ex wife 14 years ago.
Anyway, the next home wrecker is rumoured to be Marion Cotillard who plays Pitt's love interest in the up coming movie Five Seconds Of Silence. Of course, if he has really gone a wandering... he's to be blamed. But damn you woman, he's married with 6 kids, would it have killed you to keep a little distance, and keep things purely professional? In any case, I don't feel as sorry for Angelina Jolie than I did for Jennifer Aniston.

What do you think?



  1. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Oh Holly, that's what I felt initially! Hated the way they got together, despised Angelina the home wrecker. Always rooted for Jennifer, i rem reading somewhere that she only found out about the affair from a magazine. Can't imagine how it felt to be the last person to know.

    But Brad and Angeline has 6 kids and three biological ones. When Brad and Jen split, Jen was the only one who had to deal with the heartbreak. I would think that the current split would be a lot more complicated with kids involved. It's true that he has been away, I wonder if the split makes no difference for their father's absence or if they would be devastated...


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