Review: Baby Spa at Beauty Mums & Babies

Update: due to overwhelming response, the readers promo is no longer available. Will update u if there are future promos for my readers.  Thanks.

Myla Rae was invited to go down to Beauty Mums & Babies at Paragon to try out their services yesterday.
Their baby spa has a hydropool for swimming, baby massages, pregnancy/ post partum massages, lactation consultants and also classes like Baby Yoga.

I decided to let her try out a baby massage since she has never gotten one before ( I don't even massage her at home).  As you know, Myla Rae goes swimming in a regular pool a few times a week and has been doing so since she was 2 months old. So I didn't think she would benefit from the hydropool. However, if your baby has never been in the pool, or you're worried about the chlorine water in regular pools, this Hydropool at Baby Spa will be great for your bubs since the water is heated, there are no harsh chemicals (they use crystal water) and also the pool is small (like a deep tub) which can be less scary if baby is not used to swimming yet.

Here's our review of the baby massage which is done by a trained massage therapist, using a combination of Western and Chinese techniques and lasts approx. 30 minutes.

1. Their special massage oil is imported from New Zealand and is especially gentle on baby's skin.  Even if your baby has sensitive or eczema prone skin, this oil is suitable. After her massage, I didn't find this oil too greasy or oily.

2. It is enjoyable. Myla Rae laughed and smiled through most of this massage. The only time she cried was when I disappeared (I went out to take pictures of the store front and pictures of the massage from outside the glass window panels). But she was all smiles again once I stepped back inside. The good thing is, you can be right there for your baby during whatever services because there's ample space, and it's one baby (family) at a time, by appointment.

3. The staff are friendly and warm. From the counter staff to the therapist, they made the experience for Myla Rae & I a very welcoming one.
1. I felt the massage area was a little too 'open' for my liking. Of course, this didn't bother Myla Rae at all, because she's just a baby! I guess people passing by love watching babies from the glass panel... and I think this is great for swimming area... but I would have preferred the baby massage area to be more private.
That said, the outside area is not one of high traffic, so it's not like a big audience or what. lol

There's a special promo for my readers!
Want to let your baby swim in their hydropool? The usual price of the combo of Baby Spa & Massage is $99. My readers get to enjoy this combo at $39. Just quote -  bmbholly - when making your appointment. Valid until end of November 2016.

For more information on the baby spa, you can head to their website.

The outlet we went to is at Paragon (#05-02), Tel no: 62350688 . But you can also go to their Seletar Mall or Novena Square 2 outlets.

** This was not a paid review. But the service was given to us FOC**