Myla Rae's Christening

Last Sunday was Myla Rae's baptism. She's wearing my christening bonnet which I wore 35 years agooooooo. But her dress is a new one I bought for 5pounds at Primark lol. I could not bear to make her wear my old christening dress (which my mom kept in prestine condition btw) because the material of that dress OMG.. made of the stiffest and most scratchy lace ever. This new lycra lace cheapo dress is much more comfortable.
Anyway, a friend sent me this meme yesterday, and I had a laugh because this is exactly what happened at Myla's christening.
 At one point, Father Kamil poured a bit too much water on her head and it splashed all over her face. I even heard a collective gasp from the people seated in the front row. Bahahahaha... luckily she's already used to the pool, so she just held her breath (in a bit of shock, I won't lie lol) and closed her eyes. Didn't cry. I'm so proud of her.
 I feel so bad for saying this but everytime I look closely at his pic, I laugh. Hahaaa...

I hope you grow up to be a kind, generous and righteous person, Myla Rae. We will guide you as far and as much as we can.

**No babies were harmed in this baptism though she did give Father Kamil a wary look when he came to bless her after. Lol.



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