We are in Scotland now

We flew to Scotland last Thursday night...was worried about how Myla Rae would take the journey Was bout 20 hours in all including a very short transit at Heathrow ... meaning I had to run like blazes to catch the next plane with my jumbo backpack of Myla's stuff and carrying her as well. Didn't even get to change her diaper or even feed her until we got back on the next plane and took off. Poor toots. (Note to the husband.. please make sure transit is at least 3 hours when travelling with baby next time!)
At Changi airport waiting for the late night flight
Fast asleep! Yay!
She was super tired and slept the whole way... she slept like 11 hours out of the 14plus hours of the flight from Sg to London. I did have a feeling that she might be able to sleep through a long stretch like that because it's her bed time anyway, and she sleeps through the night at home.

Well anyway, after a shitty rushed transit (seriously, at one point I was scrambling on my knees under railings because we didn't have time to run the winding way around them, and I did this with Myla strapped to me and my back pack kept getting stuck on the railing cos I didn't bend low enough, so I ended up on my knees crawling and David was bolting way ahead, should have given him the backpack to carry UGH!!!. Don't want to do THAT again).
Just arrived in the morning and exhausted!
But it was all okay in the end! Made the flight. Jet Lag is minimal ( was exhausted by that first evening... but after a sleep, all back to normal.. no waking up at 2 in the morning and can't get back to sleep type of nonsense). Myla is ok too... but she gets sleepy much earlier in the evenings now like 6pm is her bed time lol. 6 to 6. instead of 8 to 8.

Super loves her warm cosy pram
We didn't take her pram because no extra arms to carry it, we already have 2 huge luggage for a month's stay. But our friends Paul and Jo gave us a pram they don't need anymore. YAYYYYYY  it's much better than the cheapo Seababy one I have at home ... so I shall take this back with us.
Hello Jo!

Thank you for my wooly pom hat
She also saw her cousin Brook for the first time. She's more interested in wanting his lapel pins. Lol.
Big cousin Brook
Ok, that's all the updates for now. Oh btw, I went Primark already hahahhaa.. I got a Tokidoki pajamas pants at 3pounds!!! Pics of stash another day!