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Whoohooo... just stocked up at Kohepets.
 Delivery is free (in Singapore). And they are so quick and efficient too.
New at Kohepets is the Wellness Core Hearty Cuts in Gravy. ARGH! I forgot about this when I was ordering Lola's stash this week. Shall have to wait and add it to the next haul in a few months time. I always order in bulk because of the great deals and low prices, plus the delivery to my doorstep is FREE, I don't have to carry it home from the store.
If you're about to order your furbaby's stash, do check this new range out. Looks super yummy and I think dogs will really love the succulent chunks and thick gravy. (They have for Cats too!)

Another new item caught my eye because the packaging is so attractive! Solid Gold Lil' Boss Turkey & Vegetable Cup and Solid Gold Mighty Mini Chicken, Chickpea & Pumpkin Cup

The Turkey & Vegetable one has turkey & Vegetable in Gravy. Turkey for Protein, Fresh Vegetables for Fiber. The Mighty mini chicken, chickpea & pumpkin version has Chicken, Chickpea & Pumpkin in Gravy. Chicken is an easily digestible protein. Lola loves it.
It's the perfect meal for small breed dogs. At $2.50 per cup, this range is grain & gluten free. There's no meat by-product meal, no corn, no wheat or soy or sugar. And no artificial preservatives or flavours added. Just total yummy goodness in a cup.
Love love love the new packaging.
They also have dry dog food too. Shall have to try this next time. There's a whopping range to choose from (13 different flavours in this new range) and all healthy and good quality ingredients (like quinoa, brown rice, salmon...
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