Phantom Photos Stored in Your iPhone Memory

For a long while now, I was having problems with my iPhone's memory capacity. Always not enough space. I deleted loads of apps over the months, and stored the bare minimum ... and yet the damn prompt would always pop up so often saying there's not enough memory to save that photo or video I just recorded. Ugh!

On a side note, there was even once, a blog reader of mine (who chats with me occasionally on FB messenger, small talk only...) asked me to download a chat app (can't remember which one)... and I already had whatsapp, plus had to delete my Voxer chat (which I use with one of my cousins in Perth) because my phone lacked space. So I told him politely that I could not download that app because my phone had no memory left.

Then he went into rant mode... saying, " You should change your middle name to Holly LIAR Aroozoo."    WTF, all this because I told him my phone no space to download his app. Actually, I don't even know him in person, I was just being friendly, as I am to all my readers. Seriously, some people are so entitled! I guess it's rare for phone to run out of space?? So he must have thought I was a big liar. I don't know.

Well anyways, my phone ran out of space FOR GOOD yesterday. Like, there was no more photos or apps for me to delete. And yet I had no free space left. This is not normal!!!
And I couldn't figure out how come my "Photos" were taking up 5 plus gigs of space, when there were no photos or videos in my Camera Roll. And please ah, I'm not stupid... of course I deleted from my recycle bin ("recently deleted " tab).

Then finally a friend shared with me an iPhone bug/glitch where it would store ALL YOUR FREAKING PHOTOS even after you wipe the photos out. These phantom photos are not visible but they are there in the phone's memory.

So the way to reveal these phantom photos (and then be able to actually delete them for good) is to go into your phone's date & time settings. And unclick the Automatic fuction. And then just scroll wall the way back a few years to manually set a date in the past.

Once this is done, go back to your photo album and lo and behold... all the photos you have every taken with your iphone will reappear. Apparently, I had taken over four thousand. No wonder my phone got no memory space left.

So go and free up your iPhone's memory space with this method. This is also great if you have deleted some pics "permanently" in the past and thought it was gone for good. Now you can retrieve lol. I had a good time scrolling through these old pics before I finally deleted them for good for real this time.

And now my phone has its full space capacity back again. Hoorah!

P/S- I'm using the iPhone 6 Plus. Not sure if this bug is in other models. But you can try.  Oh and don't forget to set the Date and Time back to Automatic once you're done clearing photos.


  1. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Whut genius can make your friend.
    You shoot be lukee ur have herr.
    Thank yoo for da infomatuns!
    Tri to my phonz.

    Lilly Yusef Philcott


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