Tips for Baby's Swimming

Sorry for the long hiatus... just got back from 11 days away in Phuket. Was it fun? Well... I would say, travelling with a young infant, especially to a country where even the tap water is dirty, where her routine is broken, where the suitcase is so full of baby's stuff ....including her portable cot... to the point that I can only take 3 tops and one spare pair of shorts for myself (and yet my husband packed in some extra button shirts (in Phuket???) and thick polo t-shirts for himself which he didn't end up wearing even)... is not really my idea of fun. It's quite a lot of effort ... and now I'm fucking tired. (But still have a nice load of holiday laundry ironing to do, all his stuff... cos I don't even iron Myla and my clothes anymore).

Feels like I was bullied into going (I declined going but then had to face some temper). Hahaha bullied into going for a holiday!!! You must think I'm talking shite but I'm serious man. Baby's needs come first, I don't have the same patience as before for other people's opinions or "wants". Did you find that motherhood did this to you too? Will share with you more of my thoughts some stuff later on, when I hopefully have the time to sit down and type it out.

On a different note, one good thing is warm water in the pool so Myla could go swimming. Our pool back in Singapore is Baltic, not sure why. So I usually let her swim in the bath tub at home lol.
Tip 1: Get an infant neck float. Before we had this float (it's a cheapie one I bought from Carousell at $4)... either David or myself would have to hold her the whole time in the pool. This float gives her the freedom to move around on her own, and she loves it. Of course, under supervision la.
Tip 2:  Many think the float is too tight that's why the baby cries when they put it on. The float is not likely too small for your baby even if it's a big baby. Myla's one has clasps, and the float even fits my neck comfortably! Just get baby in Water first. Especially for the first time, don't put the float on the baby's neck on dry land (I think this can be uncomfortable, and scary especially for the first time). I take Myla in the water, get her accustomed to the temperature, hold her close to me. While carrying the float in my other arm. Then once she's relaxed, I put the float on her. Works like a charm.

Tip 3: For submerging... they say when baby is under 6 months old, they still have the natural ability to auto hold their breath in water.. like they are in the womb. I think this is true, everytime I wipe her face with wet cotton balls, she will hold her breath. There are parents who just submerge their water babies and all goes well. But I'm a bit nervous she might breathe in water. So the trick is... (taught to me by some ang moh lady with grown up kids while we were in Phuket), to blow in baby's face. When you do this, she will hold her breath and while her face is still scrunched up, you can submerge her. I tried it and yes it works! Happy days!