Chic Cot Organizers and Organic Teethers

Hello... just an update on what's up at the Myla Rae Baby Shop...
Enchanted Forest

Rainy Day
There are 3 new ranges of baby accessories- Brighton Beach, Rainy Day and Enchanted Forest.
In these ranges you will find bibs, smocks and cot organisers.

Enchanted Forest
Brighton Beach

Also, do check out the new Bunny Teethers. They give busy hands and curious mouths many hours of fun.

Myla Rae is not teething yet but she enjoys sucking cloth, so these teethers are perfect for her. It's easy to wash and quick to dry. She will probably enjoy it even more when she starts teething and starts chewing to soothe her gums.

 Made from organic wood with an ultra smooth finish, it is non toxic and non treated maple wood. The 'ears' are an attractive print on one side, and Minky dot material (babies love texture!) on the
other side. Sandwiched in between is a crinkly material that makes a scrunching noise when grabbed.

 Bunny Teethers come in Dots, Stripes and Chevron prints. Each at Sgd 6.90 including mail. (Or 2 for $12)

Click here to go see the whole range available.