Schesir Vs Really Pet Food

Whenever I order from Kohepets online (which I have been doing for a few years now)... I always do two things... look out for a bargain on her usual food and treats, and also look out for new products to try.

Variety is the spice of life right... don't want to keep feeding my dog the same thing day in day out. In our latest haul delivered right to my door step yesterday evening, we have 2 new range of food (actually I'm not sure if it's new new.. but it's the first time I've noticed them).
One is from a budget priced range of Petfood (but it's still better than those supermarket big tins of cheap dog food... brands will not be mentioned). And the other is a more delectable looking splurge type range (but still, not mad expensive).
Really Pet Food, costs only $2.65 for a large 375g tin. There's beef, chicken, lamb and ocean fish. There is a smaller can size (90g) for each of these flavours. Lots of choice.
Despite the affordable price, they are made from Free range meat, in New Zealand. None of them contain any grains and there's no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

So if you're on a budget (or even if ur not!) this is an excellent choice of pet food that's much better quality than the other cheap commercial stuff in supermarkets... and at Kohepets, it's cheaper! (Click here to see the whole range of REALLY PET FOOD)
If you're looking to treat your furkid to something more fancy, there's this brand called Schesir. (Click here to view range and prices) I love that they have a main range of dog food ($3.50 for 285g) with tasty flavours like - Tuna with carrots and Chicken with pumpkin. But the also have a SOUP range. 

Maybe treat your dog to a soup starter before the main course?? Hee heee. Actually, although it's a soup, it's good enough for Lola's main meal. I opened a can this lunch time to see if it's really like the Chicken Soup picture on the package... and it is!! Not a gluggy pet food version of soup at all.. it's a fine nutritious broth and has good chunks of chicken meat and slices of vegetables. The price is $2.80 for a 156g tin of soup.
Lola licked every single bit of it off her bowl in seconds. :) Both brands also have a cat food range.
Ok.. gtg, it's time to feed the baby (human one). xx