Pixie Head

 So.... a few nights ago, I went to get my hair cut... short It was really bugging me, just feeling blah. Plus the 4 month post partum hair fall hit me (not fair!! I never got the luscious hair DURING pregnancy yet I get the hair fall that follows it after you give birth! Eat Shit ah)

Anyway, the place I went to is across the road from my block... so it's so - so only, but I went there cos I could get there and back within 1 hour plus. So I fed Myla at 6.30pm. My plan was to make her nap/sleep by 7 and then go and comeback by 8.15pm, so I'm in time for her last feed at 8.30pm before she sleeps through the night. BUT DAMN IT.. I couldn't get her to fall asleep easily that night. Maybe she could sense I was gan cheong lol. So at 7.30pm, after several attempts at putting her down while she was sleeping (only to have her wake up screaming the second she touched the mattress)... I said to David, I got to go. Just play with her until I get back. And I left him with a screaming baby ( I felt bad, but time was tight man! I had to go and be back by 8.30!)...

Anyway, I managed to get back by 9pm, by that time she was exhausted and slept straight after drinking.

So... yeah I would not recommend this place as a great choice for a hair cut, esp a drastic one, but I kinda had limited choice based on my situation. Hoping to get a better cut in about 6 weeks  time (not sure how... but that's the plan. Or maybe my hair style sucks because of my hair type and it has nothing to do with the stylist cutting it??)
 This is the morning after my pixie cut, so I wake up like this.My hair naturally waves upwards. Ugh!
 This is after washing and air drying it with the fringe down. Which I like, but... the cutting like.. not right... or maybe it needs styling product ? Also, it won't stay this way throughout the day if I don't put any product in it.
So I used some clay stuff and twist twist the ends of the hair, as adviced by my pixie hair experienced friends on FB and the stylist that cut my hair. BUT THIS IS THE RESULT (pic above). WTF.
After like more than a decade of straight flat rebonded long hair... I HAVE NO HAIR STYLING SKILLS at all. The more I touch my hair, the worse I make it.
Oh and I found a gray hair! Oh man... Hope it stays at just this level and don't progress to the point where I have to colour my hair to cover gray. So much work!
I do love my short hair and am not looking to go back to long hair. In fact, I've never realized how good a hair wash can feel until I washed my newly shortened hair. So goooood... and easy.
But I do need some tips on how I can make this hairstyle work for me.


  1. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Looking good! When you figure out how to style your hair to your liking, it'll be even more awesome! If you're looking for another stylist, I recommend my stylist at United Square basement. He's the director of the salon. Good skills and he will teach you how to style your hair too.

    1. Oh great... I can walk there too... But like 15min-20min walk


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