Baby Tattoo Done! :)

I had the new tattoo done on Saturday morning. The guy came to my place to do it, which is great because Myla had a fever and we could not go out (because of her immunization the afternoon before, will blog about FREE immunisations at the Polyclinic, which my bestfriend didn't even know about, she's been paying for them at the GP! So in case more of you don't know this, just thought I'd share).
By the way, if you want the contact of this guy who did my tattoo and does house calls at no extra charge, just email/msg me or leave a comment. He's a nice guy, and does a good job, so I don't mind sharing his contact if needed.
The tattoo is her CTG while in utero, because I had so many of them prior to and while on hospital bed rest as they had to monitor her constantly before deciding she couldn't stay in me any longer. We had wanted to keep her in until 37 weeks at least as that's early full term, but alas it was not to be! But she's thriving now, and this tattoo marks her rocky start... but happy turn out.


  1. very very meaningful and special! Perhaps I can get inspired to so something similar too!

  2. Free vaccination??? I didn't know there free available in Singapore

  3. hi, can share the tattoo artist contact? Is it X?
    mail me at
    Thanks babe

  4. Very nice and meaningful tattoo, Holly! I am not a fan of tattoos but I have a 7yo boy whom I love to bits, so I understand the meaning behind your tattoo (and it brought tears to my eyes).
    A note of caution though, if you don't mind. I used to feed my boy medicine whenever he was sick and I regretted it very much now. Too much medicine is really not good for anyone. Please read up on viral and bacterial infections because there will be some heading your way. It took me years to learn the differences (when to use antibiotics only) and my boy is rarely on medication now. He recovered from a bout of viral infection within a week in early March (no medicine taken). I also let him recover a minor bout of food poisoning by himself when we were in Krabi last week. Two rounds of vomitting and one round of diarrhoea and he got well. I would have gone straight to a doctor and fed him medicine in the past but it really is much healthier for him to get well by himself, if it is a viral infection (usually no medicine needed). Of course, you need to monitor very closely. The child needs to become better and NOT worse. Sorry for the long post.

  5. Oh yes! I totally understand where Ur coming from.

    I myself hardly ever go to the docs or take medicine (opposite from my husband who is always catching some sort of virus!). And even when I'm I'll, I let mybside fight it off. Drink tasty vit C drinks and tahts about it.

    Dunno why when it comes to my child suddenly I want the quick fix (meds)

  6. I didn't know that free vaccination was available in Singapore either.
    Jennifer Dominquez


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