A Tattoo for My Baby

... No I'm not going to tattoo my child. I mean a tattoo that represents my baby's birth. Her entering my life is a big milestone in my life, quite possibly the biggest there will ever be as far as milestones go. It's a whole brand new human being in my life!

Would love to hear ideas.

The only tattoo I have is about 10 years old now!! I had it done to mark another transition in the past... It's a flying angel on my right shoulder, to mark freedom and faith that things will work out in its own way.

This tattoo for Myla Rae, I want on my left collarbone area, so close to my heart. I don't want it as large as my last tattoo... I want one of those clean looking, simple, sharp type tattoos. Quite small, like no bigger than my palm size at the very most.

Any ideas? Please share! And share pics/ link to pics of u come across any nice ones I could get inspiration (or downright copy lol) from.


  1. Hi Holly, personally I find Doctor Woo Tattoo's (Instagram: _dr_woo_) designs clean and simple. Not sure if it's the style you would like but do have a look? :)

  2. Wow they are super detailed �� very nice

  3. Anonymous3:40 pm

    what about a simple dove tattoo?

  4. Anonymous7:14 pm

    wow, dr woo's tattoos are really nice. spotted this lovely one https://www.instagram.com/p/BBlb6dxvgLK/. how about sneaking your daughter's initials in it?

  5. Oh gosh that's very nice!!

  6. Love the idea of a tattoo near the heart! You know Layla likes to wave her little arm along my chest when she latches on, if I have a tattoo id put her palm print on my chest to ink down this precious moment and so that she'd be "latched" on to me forever. :)

  7. Omg that is super meaningful , brings a tear to my eye


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