Going bananas

I'm extremely exhausted! This is the 4th night in a row that Myla has started to get colicky again. No idea why. Almost 5 am now. From 11pm till 2am if I'm lucky... But the past few days it's been till 5 am then she stops wailing. I have to feed her at 6am. WTF. The day has begun and I've not slept a wink yet.

Tonight out of desperation, I put her in moby wrap. But I already tried twice to put her back in crib after she's fast asleep... No joy, she woke right back up and cried. Now she's back to being asleep in wrap, but WHAT DO I DO? Is it safe to sleep sitting up with her sleeping in the wrap or what? My kneecaps hurt from pacing and bouncing around while cradling her asleep for hours the past few nights.

UPDATE: I went to Thomson Hosp cos it's closest to me, when she still didn't stop crying at 8am. That's 8 hours non stop! And 8 hours I was on my feet can't even sit down otherwise she screams. Turns out she doesn't have wind/colic .. No wonder none of the remedies worked. She has a milk protein allergy. So no animal or soy based milk for her. Have to drop the neosure as a fortifier (bit sad cos I know she needs it for weight gain). And she will be on this formula called neocate for a couple of months ... Then try switching to a HA type formula which much cheaper and is more typically available at supermarkets etc, no need go Hosp to buy. Apparently quite a common thing for preemies to not be able to break down milk protein in the first few months of life. Wish kkh had pre warned me! 


  1. You might want to try ridwind? It helps babies to burp out the air in their stomach. It helped me greatly with my three kids.

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Poor Holly. Not sure if this is what she has but you might want to read up abt silent reflux?

  3. Hi everyone:.. Had to take her to paed as she as still crying non stop at 7/am.

    It's not colic. Turns out she has milk allergy. We have the necessary prescribe stuff for her & hope it will work!

    Have tried evey colicky remedy including rid wind... No wonder nothing worked

  4. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Oh dear. Holly do you mean she is allergic to your breastfeeding milk? Or formula?

  5. All!!!! She can't break down protein in milk (but will outgrow this so not for life). So animal based , or human or soy based also cannot.

    On a synthetic milk called neocate now. Which she no need break down any protein , all broken down.

  6. Hi Holly, my baby was born a preemie too. She used to cry up to 5 hours and did the same as you. Carrying her around didn't stop her crying. She would sleep on my chest for a month or more so i could get some sleep. Now she has stopped crying. I gave her a pacifier and then she just stopped crying. or maybe her colicky phase had passed. Try rubbing her tummy too. Good luck Holly


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