Jerky Jerky Jerky (For your Dog!)

You know, if it came to a huge disaster or war in Singapore... and we had to take refuge in our bomb shelter, the only thing we would have for food in there.. would be Lola's dog food. And lots of it.

But to think of it, actually not so bad, could be worse. At least most of her food is human grade, and some look and smell damn tasty some more. LOL.

Here's her recent haul from KohePets, delivered right to our doorstep. There was no charge for delivery, and you get it within 2 days.

Tray food and Tub meals
Treats and Chews
Lola's Recommendation this month:

Try the Jerky from Absolute Holistic
There's like a whopping 32 different kinds of flavours. Ranging from $8 to $10 a bag. Succulent jerky reats your pooch will love too. Love that the bags are re-sealable and the jerky inside are individually wrapped. So it's always fresh and juicy anytime your dog wants a treat.
Click here to browse and Shop Kohepets online for your petfood and supplies.


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  2. Cool! This might be perfect for my dogs.


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