I've Found the Colic Culprit! Fenugreek!

Ok.. I'm not 100% certain it's the Fenugreek supplement I've been taking... but I think it's what causing my baby to have colic/wind. Here's why...
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So... with regards to Colic and Fenugreek. The last 2 nights, I've not had any Fenugreek. I ran out of it and because in my extreme sleepiness I forgot to take it home with me after  my doctor's visit.

I was at KK Hospital for my follow up visit, checked the Csection sticthes, all good, and healed well... Doctor says no need to see me again, I can be discharged from KK.. hoorayyy.

The doctor asked if I was breast feeding, I said yes. Then I said I just ran out of Fenugreek. Then the nurse/clinic assistant said to wait outside for it. I waited outide the room for a few minutes, and then suddenly thought to myself... what am I waiting for??? I've been discharged and won't need anymore follow ups!

So I went to make payment, carrying Myla fast asleep  ( I was also mindful I had to get home in time for her next feed... she takes so long to eat, I don't want to struggle in a public nursing room)... then cabbed home. When I got home, oh yah, I was waiting for Fenugreek actually. Fuck.

So I haven't taken it so far, and the last 2 nights, Myla did not have colic attacks. The first night, she made a squeak just after I missed her midnight feed. I fed her, she went back to bed till morning. Then last night, I fed her at midnight. But at 2 am she cried. OH NO. MAYBE THE PREVIOUS NIGHT WAS A FLUKE.

But to my surprise, I picked her up from her crib, and she fell back asleep. I didn't even have to rock her or pace about for hours in a sleep deprived state, shaking my head like a mad woman trying to stay awake and alert enough. None of that. She just fell back to sleep.

What a relief. I'm hoping this keeps up. And also hoping my supply doesn't drop because I stopped Fenugreek. It has dropped marginally, but that's because I'm getting less pumps ( I didn't pump in middle of the night the last 2 nights, because I just slept.) Oh Sleep, glorious sleep.

Anyone else made this correlation between fenugreek and colic? I read online that many other mothers had their babies start being colicky around the time they started fenugreek as well. It doesn't affect everyone though.

P/S - any moisturiser recommendation for baby's face? Her skin is flaking a bit, and she has baby pimples ( I was told cos of my hormones passed to her through breast milk?? And that it will pass off around 3 months old). What about Mustela Physiobebe non rinse face wash thingy? And Mustela Stelatopia face cream which is supposed to be great for eczema prone skin, but if it's not eczema is it still ok to use for baby acne?


  1. i used virgin coconut oil and pure aloe vera gel liberally over my baby's affected areas and it helped alot

    1. If put liberally,,, won't baby smear it into their eyes?

      I hv vco which I was using to prevent stretchmarks I'll try it on her

  2. Wow, she's sleeping through the night so soon! My girl only learnt to sleep through the night at slightly before 2 months. Even so, she still wakes up in the middle of the night now and then because of a nightmare or just because.

  3. Ur baby was under 2.5kg birth too right,?? Actually we Shld wake them to feed.

    But last 2 nights I skipped her 3am feed. This fri is her 1 month check up. Will see her weight gain how is it. If bad then I'll have to wake her for night feeds I guesd.

    Did Ur baby catch up in weight ??

  4. Hi Holly

    Try eating salmon fish and drinking red dates water (boil the red dates and drink throughout the day) to keep your supply up.

    Try AVEENO Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream.

    As mentioned before, my niece was born at 1.97kg premature but she is now 8 months weighing at 7.5kg. She put on roughly 1 kg a month.

  5. Hi Holly,

    Yes, you are right. The pimples are hormones from mummy and my daughter had quite a lot on her face after birth and they mysteriously disappeared at about 3months old, so dont worry about it.

    I have been adding a splash of J&J's baby oil into her bath since birth and then moisturising with Kodomo/J&J's baby lotion. She never had any scaly/dry skin problem with this routine, only some redness on her eyelids (since birth) which the doctor thinks its infant eczema, but that has improved too now that she is 4mths old.

    As for increasing bm supply, I have nvr tried fenugreek nor was my baby colic, but my mum used to cook me lots of papaya fish soup during confinement and it helped boost my supply. My yield was consistent of at least 120ml and at its peak, 300ml in one pump session. You can give it a go and see if drinking this soup helps you.

    There are some days when she will cry hysterically and is inconsolable.. Drives me and my husband absolutely nuts.. And she always end up with blocked nose and then cant breathe properly and start crying harder... But i always use the carrying her upright on my shoulder, cooing and singing method and eventually, she stops. My husband and I came up with a "why baby is crying non-stop checklist": Hunger, wet diaper, wind, temperature, blocked nose, over-tired/stimulated.. Maybe you can check for blocked nose as well next time Myla cries..

  6. I got dried-skin, but I don't know how to make it better.


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