Whopping Weight Gain

Just a quick update from last week's pregnancy post.

Last week, baby suddenly started measuring too small during the scan. Even though just 2 weeks before that, at my 33week growth scan, she was the right size. It was worrying because she was only 2kg at 34weeks and 4 days, when she should be 2.5kg. Doctor suspected that her growth was starting to get restricted in there (quite common with Placenta Previa patients). So we had to plan to get her out earlier (at 37weeks)compared to a regular elective csection (that's usually arnd 39 weeks).

So since last week's shit news, I was told to increase my calories, and I did. I ate durians, and kept eating more than my usual amount of food.

Yesterday, I went for my visit and when I got myself weighed (they do this at every visit), I only put on 400grams. Argh! From my experience in the past, I would always gain like 2kg and out of that, baby's gain was like only a fraction of my weight gained. So I was like oh no, I don't think she has put much weigh on in this last week, cos I only gained 400grams.

But thankfully, and much to my relief... when scanned, she weighed in at 2.4kg!! Yayyyy!!! (Was 2480 grams to be more exact, so nearly the 2.5kg mark she's supposed to be at). There are people who have full term (40week) babies at 2.5kg! And also, at 2.5 kg, it's a safe weight ... compared to being a low birth weight baby (they can struggle to cope a bit when born less than 2.5kg). So now I'm much less worried about her being a good size for birth.

Unfortunately though, I will still to have a earlier than planned csection. Because my damn amniotic fluid level dropped back down again. I kind of suspected that might happen... I just cannot eat the amount I had to... PLUS drink 5 litres of water a day. There's no space for that! I will however drink that 5 litres, because I want to boost it back up to over 5AFI again so not dangerously low.

Well, at least, now when she has to come out early, I have no worries about her size being too small. Just a couple more weeks to go at most.... next week I get steroid shots (2 x) to help mature baby's lungs (because sometimes baby's lungs don't fully mature until they're into week 37... so its just in case. And also just in case I have to have her at week 36). Though often, babies born at 37 weeks are perfectly fine and lungs are mature, it doesn't hurt to take the extra precaution and have those shots to help her along. Heard it's painful cos they have to jab it deep into muscle, but my pain threshold is pretty high. So not worried about that. (Will update you if it's mofo unbearable lol)

Very pleased she put on 2 weeks worth of weight within 1 week. And also wondering if last week's scan was a human error, and she had been the right size all along. So I worried for nothing.


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    haven't any tips for you cause i'm not a mother yet. an avid reader of yours who is so happy to read about your good news and am here for you in the virtual world every step of the way! :) safe delivery Holly!

  2. Thank you :) really appreciate the support

  3. Yes! Been reading your blog for years and I'm keeping a keen eye on your pregnancy progress too. Stay happy!

  4. Yes! Been reading your blog for years and I'm keeping a keen eye on your pregnancy progress too. Stay happy!

  5. The scan is only a gauge..and sometimes not 100% accurate..doc measured my baby to be 3.7kg..he came out 3.3
    Juz try to eat more durians and beef..helps to pump up the weight of the baby in the final lap!
    All the best!

    1. Yup I know it's just an estimate. But still I rather she be estimated to be 2.5kg at this point... Rather than 2kg. wld just cause me more worries. Esp knowing that she won't have the last few precious weeks in the womb to gain those extra weight.

  6. Yeah..I can understand your worries..but have faith in yourself and in your baby girl that she will come out safe and well!


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