Our Precious Bundle of Joy

I think many of you have already speculated that I've delivered our baby girl because I've suddenly been absent from blogging.

We had her prematurely at week 35+, and I was warded in hospital from week 34 before finally having her via csection on 18th December 2015. So she's an SG50 baby afterall lol.
Myla Rae is 1 week old

1 week post partum
One day soon when I am more settled with the new routine at home, I will update you on how the Csection experience was like. For now, because she's so little, she needs some extra care and attention. Will be right back to blogging as soon as possible ok.

Hugs, and thank you for all the support and well wishes so far.



  1. Congratulations to you and your family on your little bundle of joy! Take care!!

  2. Congrats Holly!!! Myla is beautiful!!! Do you have any difficulty walking about etc after the c-section? You seem to be up and about quite fast. Thanks!!! Take care. :)

    1. I found it very manageable. Also because I was stuck on bedrest so long this pregnancy, I had already set my mind to get up and moving as soon as Myla was out safely. So had urgent csect 18th evening... got off the bed (even with the pee bag /catheter) still in me by the next morning. Cos I wanted go see her. But they wldnt let me go to the special care nursery until after lunch time. Assholes.

      After lunch I went there in wheel chair (pee bag hanging off it cos they wldnt take it out of me until 24hrs).

      That evening they took per bag out at 6pm. And what a relief (mostly I Cldnt walk arnd or try to walk arnd cos my pee bag and the pee tube. Once that was off, I pushed myself off the bed (the worst is getting off the bed from lying position cos it needs ab muscles to work. So must try to use arms etc to push myself up). But one up, it's ok... Can walk abt like no discomfort. So I slept sitting up in my bed for days when I first came home, cos no one to help me up when husband at work.

      Now is fine, can lie down and get up (slight twinge on the wound when I do, but only slight) , am 11 days post surgery.

    2. I see. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your taking time out to do so. Am 38 weeks in a few days. Was always on route to deliver naturally but recently developed really bad hemorrhoids so am now considering a c-section since all that pushing is only going to aggravate the fissures. Sighhh. Really undecided as to what to do!!!
      Seems like you had a good experience with it though despite all the emergency woes. Anyway now that's over enjoy precious time with your little princess!!! :)

    3. Oh I hope you don't mind me asking, are you breastfeeding? If so is it hard to do it with the wound? Thanks again Holly!!! :)


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