The Final Outcome of Secret Sister Gift Exchange

2 weeks ago, I took part in the My Secret Sister Gift Exchange that was going viral on Facebook.

It has since died off, you don't see people taking part in it anymore on Facebook. I think because there was a whole slew of people and websites which said that this was a Hoax or a Scam.

Anyway, since I had taken part in it, I wanted to share with you the results. (Click here to read my initial blog post, in case you don't know what gift exchange I'm talking about).

So in exchange for one gift you send out, you are supposed to receive 36 gifts in return. I did say in my initial blog post, that when I started taking part in this exchange, I did not expect 36 back. Having 36 gifts back, would mean that everyone taking part in the exchange would send out a gift to their assigned secret sister like they're supposed to. I didn't expect 36 gifts, because I know not everyone is that honest, there will be some who just take part to receive gifts and then either forget to send out a gift, or too lazy to do so, or just dishonest.

Plus because of the Hoax/Scam warnings about this gift exchange circulating on Facebook, I had some friends pull out of the exchange too, so I knew I didn't have 6 people in my group at the end of it. And I assumed that the friends I did have on board, would have had similar issues with drop out rates from their 6 friends.

Which is fine to me, this exchange is just for fun. The cost to myself is One Gift to send out, which is not a huge investment anyway. No need to get all upset or riled up about it.

People warned others not to take part in this exchange because it's a scam and you will actually not get gifts return. But I knew that logically, this exchange was not a hoax or scam (like those Nigerian scams where they ask you to send them $$$ to sort out your inheritance of millions bahahahahaha). Because I sent out a gift to the girl I was assigned, like I was supposed to. So how can no one receive gifts??? As far as I knew, one person would get a gift, because I did send it out!

So anyway, enough blabbering. Here's the results after 2 weeks:
I got 6 gifts in return. I was very very surprised by the generosity of my secret sisters who did send gifts. You're supposed state if you have any likes/dislikes/preference of gifts (because these secret sisters don't actually know you, so it's helpful to give them an idea).. I just said newborn baby stuff would be great.

here are some small and useful gifts. Gift1- some facemasks for myself. Gift 2- cute socks. Gift 3- A pacifier clip and baby nose snot sucker thingy. Appreciate these very much, thank you.

Gift 4- a diaper bag. Pink! I like!! thank you. :)

Gift 5- Calironia Baby products from Pupsik Studio, it even had a personal message from Anne. Aww, thank you so much, I've heard great things about this brand and can't wait to use it on baby.

Gift 6- A tummy time mat for baby which this person (Joy) ordered from Qoo10 and sent to me. OMG! I was going to get one of these, but with ALL the newborn stuff I had to buy, I was putting a tummy mat or play mat on hold until after baby was born. Now I have one and it's perfect! Thank you.

All in all, I'm happy I took part. Hope my secret sister enjoys her gift from me too. And that all those who took part and sent out a gift, got something in return.


  1. I tink that Joy is the seller not the sender LOl

    1. Oh hahaha the qoo10 seller name! That makes sense.

      Are u my secret sister that sent this, that's why u know?


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