Watch My Belly Grow

Somewhere towards the end of the first trimester, I started taking bump pics (at the end of each pregnancy week) to document how my belly develops over the course of this pregnancy. I have to admit, the start was so boring to document, because it took so damn long for me to start showing. Bahahaa.
But now that I'm into the final trimester already, it's getting more interesting and fun. Ok.. so here the pics for 16 weeks of the 2nd trimester (that's four months!! Second trimester is so long!!). 3rd trimester going to be the shortest for me, less than 3 months now and I will see her (more like 2 and a half).  (Click here to see my first trimester bump pics)
I can't really say that I've been having cravings... I quite like fruit (and I am normally the sort who doesn't eat fruit and veg). But when I wasn't pregnant, I loved food, so nothing has changed. Except that now that baby is bigger and squashing my insides, I have less room for food. So when I eat my normal sized meals, I will just cough a bit and food will come back up. Eww. So I end up vomiting maybe 1/3 of my meal everytime. Doesn't stop me though, there's no nausea or sickly feeling. I still enjoy eating. Lol. 
I'm not eating for 2. I would say calorie and portion wise, it's probably exactly the same as when I was not pregnant... but somehow, my body digests the food a LOT slower now. So I don't poop everyday (not constipated). Even though I make myself drink between 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day since the first trimester. Earlier in the second trimester I would get ridiculously thirsty, and drink so much.
Baby has been growing on track from the start, average size. All good... except for my Placenta Previa which is still centered right over my cervix, so that's why doctor is expecting to have her out a bit earlier (to be safe). But despite the previa, I'm coping really well with the restrictions (just gets boring not being able to run around and be active. I'm not even allowed to do kegels, cos of hemorrhage risk). But it's ok, not long to go now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Anonymous10:18 am

    Big deal...

    1. 😂 eh why u so sour grapes.

      Not expecting it to be a big deal to u, this is my personal blog and Im documenting one of my life's milestones. For myself. Not for u.

      Nobody force u to see leh


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