Shopping at Kohepets Online (And Discounts for pet supplies)

A special delivery came for my dog Lola yesterday. Everytime there's a delivery from Kohepets Online, Lola somehow knows it and gets excited! As soon as the parcels are dropped off at my door step, she will take one sniff... and then run straight to the middle of the living room where she will sit and wait expectantly. She knows that this is the area where I will unbox all the goodies and take pictures. haha...
There's a promo for my readers now, just use the code HJ10 at checkout to get 10% off your bill. This promo will last till 30th Nov. They have pet supplies for cats, dogs and small animals (rabbits etc).
Have a peek at her loot. Tray food from Pompey, Monge and Wishbone. So glad I don't need to keep buying food from the store every week. This way, I save by buying in bulk,  plus it's all delivered to my home and I don't have to bother about getting her supplies for a few months.
Her treats... most of it are her regular treats which I know she loves more than other brands. So I keep reordering those.
But because Kohepets keeps having new stuff listed, I always let her try a little something new each time. These are Zenith treat dog sticks. They have 6 different flavours.. I got 3 for her- Chicken & Milk, Chicken & Carrot and Chicken & Beef  ($2.80 per pack). 
I also like giving her treats which are actual pieces of meat. And these 2 are her favourite. Basic Instinct Lamb Steak ($11.10) is made in New Zealand, and has no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, no steroids or antibiotics. 
Zuke's Grilled Venison Fillets ($11). These are venison meat (not organ meats), seasoned with garlic and lightly dust with rice flour and a pinch of salt for an ultra-healthy, high-protein treat. 
Both are so chunky, wholesome and smells meaty and flavourful. She will chew away at it and finish with a satisfied look.  :)
Love shopping at Kohepets for my dog supplies, check out all their products, just click on the pics below to take you directly to what you need :)
Don't forget to make use of the 10% discount code HJ10 at checkout.