Do Spirits Visit Pregnant Women?

I don't have a third eye or anything special. Never have.

My brother, when we used to travel together, would get vibes (or see things etc) at some hotels we stayed in, but I would feel absolutely nothing about any of it. (As long as he doesn't tell me about it while we are there! He usually doesn't say anything until we have checked out or are back in Singapore. He knows I'm a scaredy cat. Lol)

Well anyway, last month, for the first time... David and I were watching TV, with my dog Lola of course. Then all of a sudden, she jumped and hid behind a foot stool at the corner of our living room. Looking scared. She's never done this before.. she's not one for hiding in corners, even when she's done something wrong and has a guilty face, she won't hide in any corner.

We called her out "Lola, come out, why you hiding?"

Then I said, "Darling, she looks spooked." as I bent down, to carry her out of the corner and back to the couch.

Just as I sat down on the couch, David had instinctively reached for his phone to look at the time. And it was 12 midnight! Then we both got spooked!

It was only the next day, when I was telling my mum about it, that she mentioned that the 7th Month (Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore) started yesterday. She told me that when you're expecting, you can attract spirits. Fuckkkkkk! (She also told me, if I hear any strange sound in the middle of the night, just ignore it. Don't go and investigate).

The next occurrence was spookier. Probably a few days later... I can't remember exactly when. David and I (and Lola too) were fast asleep. When I heard a rather loud sound coming from our living room. It sounded like someone was rattling a hollow wooden object against the floor in the living room.

Lola, poor baby, hid under my pillow. Now the thing that got to me was that David heard it too, and it was loud enough to wake him. My husband is deaf in one ear, and has partial hearing in the other, so usually he doesn't hear things like that, especially not while sleeping. It was loud enough to wake him. And he said, "What the fuck was that?"

And he was about to get out of bed to check it out. And I got really scared, and I didn't want him to open our room door to go see. So I quickly said, "Oh it's nothing... the sound came from the neighbours upstairs."

I lied. It most definitely sounded like it was right in our living room. But David accepted it (because his hearing is not good anyway, so he would take my word for it). And he went back to sleep. Meanwhile, I'm lying wide awake in bed, scared. I even sprinkled holy water on my belly, on lola, and on David while he slept (I keep it by my bedside but never use it before). I was that spooked.

That was the scariest episode, though, nothing worse than that.

Another time, Lola was whining and scratching our room door, wanting to get out. She seldom does that.. she only does it if she needs to pee urgently at night ( her pee tray is at the back of the kitchen). David is asleep, as I have already mentioned, he doesn't wake up to noises usually. Anyway, I got up and was about to go open the door for her, when I just thought to myself.. I wonder if it's midnight? I checked my phone... and it was!!! I grabbed Lola and jumped back into bed. Sorry girl... I'm scared to open the door! Hold your pee in, I'll open it later at 1 am or something.

But I fell back asleep, and so did Lola. I didn't wake again till like 4 am, and I woke Lola, but she was drowsy, didn't seem like she needed to pee at all, so I just left it.

All the while, I kept asking my mom, when does 7th month end!???? Finally on the last day, of 7th month... that weekend, David had very bad diarrhea. He went to the toilet maybe 5 to 6 times that night. I woke up, have him charcoal pill, and dhamotil. Later in the morning I fell back asleep, exhausted.

Then I heard David calling me from our bathroom (the bathroom in our bedroom, which he has been in and out of many time that night). "Holly"

I said "whattt??????" but I didn't open my eyes or get out of bed, I actually fell back to sleep instantly without waiting for his answer, I was that tired. Not sure how long I slept for, but then I heard it again, "Holly!" More urgently this time.

So I got up, and thought oh no, I hope he's ok in the bathroom (cos he has been very ill the whole night). I opened the bathroom door, and he wasn't in there. Then I went out to the living room, and he was seated on the sofa watching the morning news.

I attribute that to being very tired, and what I heard was actually in a dream state or something. I wasn't spooked, and Lola had no reaction.

Now I'm home all day with Lola, and like just right now, I'm in the bedroom, typing away on my laptop... and I look at Lola... she's just sitting at our bedroom doorway, not budging and staring out. Freaky lah Lola.. stop scaring me! I think she's guarding me (or the baby)... even though she's quite a little timid soft doggy herself awwwwww.... Recently, she gets like that when David isn't home and it's just me and her, like she thinks she has to be the brave protector until David gets home. 

But it's spooking me outttttttt!!!!


  1. Omg yes that is spooky.

  2. Anonymous12:33 am

    Omg... so scary....

  3. Anonymous2:11 am

    Holly it spooks me as i am reading it at 2 A.M in morning����������

  4. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Don't worry Holly, there's probably nothing there! Dogs can sense creatures that we don't see (rats etc.). My dog used to hang around our garden door at night, when a family of rats moved into our apartment complex garden. It creeped us out back then because we didn't know there were rats, especially when he barked at the door in the middle of the night!

    I'm not saying that you've rats, but really it could be anything. She could just be extremely protective of you. Anyway what you don't see won't hurt you, so be brave & don't fret!

    1. You know... Your explanation makes a lot of sense. Thanks for that.

      Much better than this guy on facebook that messaged me to say that I was hearing all that because there's a type of ghost called toyol which hangs around children :/ Freaked me out a bit.

  5. Anonymous11:46 pm

    i'm reading it at 11.45pm! scary! hahahaa

  6. Oh, i have a story to tell too. It was at ghost month my baby was born, and in Indo they have this belief that your blood (from menstruation after the baby out) attracts the spirits. I was sleeping with my newborn and confinement lady in the guestroom, and it was at 2am then suddenly there was someone hugging me from behind and whisper my name on my ear. I was quite scared but i fight to wake up because i'm scared for my baby, so i did wake up to see nothing happened to her and i was back asleep, thinking thats just probably nightmare. Then it happened again for the 2nd time. I was hugged much tighter and the whisper is louder, this time it took sometime to wake up. I had to fight his strength, but i wasn't scared at all because i kept thinking about my baby's safety. In the end i woke up and it almost 3am. I stayed alert until 6am when my confinement lady woke up and i quickly took my chance to sleep. Oh goodness, i had goosebumps completely all over me. The next morning, we found out that the room has no "fu" and my blood attracts spirit. Plus that room is a guestroom that noone sleep in there ( i slept there because i have to sleep with confinement lady and baby, so my husband slept alone in our own room). I realised that my maid ever told me that someone called her name when she slept in that room, she was so scared she decided to sleep at the living room. And now, i sometimes use that room for baby playroom. But my baby cries NONSTOP whenever we enter, plus she is not timid and very adaptable. I dont know wad happened to that room...

    1. OMG.... don't make it baby's playroom . That's freaky shit!!!!


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