Pregnancy... Were you stuck in transition?

Ugh... 5 and a half months pregnant now, and I still don't really look pregnant, I just look... like I'm on the fat side. I don't even want to take the measuring tape to my waist and hips, because the numbers might shock me. Boobs are bigger than they've ever been though, none of my old bras fit, not by a long shot. I've been wearing nursing bras for about 2plus months now, and when I bought them, I thought... these will fit me until the baby comes. Wrong! They're already bloody tight. And I'm told, it's the last few weeks of pregnancy, when the milk comes in, that's when the boobs grow. I'm oiling my whole torso 3 times a day, in preparation for some sort of growth spurt. (I'm hoping to avoid stretchmarks)
A little jelly bag for baby girl
By the way, Kim Kardashian is about the same amount of pregnant that I am (she's 2 weeks ahead)... and look at her belly!!!
Just yesterday, I took the bus down to Lola's dog grooming.. I usually walk there but I can't walk much now because of modified bed rest (Placenta Previa). David had to come with me because I cannot even lift Lola in her bag, too heavy according to my doctor. And I'm at higher risk of a hemorrhage than a regular preggie. Well, anyway, so many people kept pushing and shoving me on the bus  :( because they cannot tell I'm pregnant. ugh.

That's ok. I mean, I just look fattish. I cannot blame them.

But there are people I see very often, who cannot tell either. People I see around the area a lot, because they live around me. So we would have small talk whenever we bump into each other, at the coffeeshop, supermarket, etc. They don't know I'm pregnant either. I'm thinking... have you never noticed that my abs used to be flat and taut just 6 months ago? And now it's far from flat, and my shorts are all elastic waisted?? Maybe they have noticed, but didn't want to be rude to point out I put the podge on. Hahaa.

I went from 48Kg pre pregnancy, to 60kg. That's a 12 kilo weight gain within the first 5 months. Most of it (almost 8kg was from the first trimester, was on bed rest). Second trimester I only gained a kilo or two each month max. And now that I'm about to go on strict bedrest again... I'm petrified I'm going to gain weight like mad again.

I'm not eating any more than usual by the way, not like I'm pigging out for two. The only thing I've been craving and eating more off is FRUIT... I never used to eat fruit ... but now, I love it. And at 166cm, 60kg, my BMI is within normal range even for non-preggers. And I (THINK I) do not look like I'm 60kg.. no idea where all that weight went to, must all be very compact and dense inside me. But STILL... I'm very shocked every time I step on the scale at the doctors. It never crossed my mind ever, that I would be able to hit 60! Going past 50 was already quite a shock to my system. lol.

I take comfort in the fact that I have at least 2 skinny friends (skinnier than the old me, I feel), who gained 20plus kilos when pregnant, of course, they didn't look like they did, just looked like the other regular pregnant women who gained like 10kilos or less. And now they're pretty much back to their skinny selves.

Just this morning, I was shopping online for some maternity suitable clothes, and I kept getting distracted by cropped tops, and cute little outfits, which I now cannot fit into. And a psycho part of me started adding them to my shopping cart! I was thinking, I'll just buy these outfits first, and then wear them after I give birth. (In my defense, they were really stylish and attractive outfits and on SALE.)

Thankfully, after an hour or so, I deleted all of them. I mean... that's like setting myself up for some major post partum body depression, right? Plus I'm having a Csection, so I can't start exercising that quickly after.

I didn't buy any maternity-ish clothes either. Didn't feel like it.

How soon did you get back to your pre pregnancy weight? (Hopefully I'll be one of those who ends up skinnier than pre pregnancy! whoo hoo). I heard breast feeding helps (I'm intending to direct latch, because I don't like the idea of washing pumps and bottles all day). Do you remember being stuck in this transition phase where you didn't look pregnant but just kept looking fat? Isn't 5 and a half months a bit late to still be in this phase?


  1. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Hi Holly the first 4 months of my pregnancy no one could really tell unless they know what to look for and I just felt fat. But all of a sudden out of nowhere the belly got so huge overnight!

    Every pregnancy is different. Maybe your belly is just a slow bloomer. Think you should wear fitting clothes and caress your belly often so people know you're pregnant.

    If possible try not to take public transport. I try not to take them cause I have this fear that I'll get manhandled especially during rush hour when people just don't bother to look.

    Looking forward to your next pregnancy related post! Good luck!

  2. Hi Holly,

    The best advice I have received for my c-section was to buy a binder which looks something like this -

    Take it to the hospital when you are due and pass to the nurse before your operation. The doctor and nurse will bind you up nicely (and tightly) after that and trust me when I said, you will not feel a stitch of pain. Continue to wear the binder for at least a month. It is uncomfortable cos you cannot bend but I rather have the discomfort than pain. I recommended a friend (deathly afraid of pain) who had to go for a c-section the same thing, and she is telling me now she is going to choose c-sect for her 2nd baby.

    You can get it from pharmacies. sometimes, people use the same thing for slimming. It should be a huge velcro belt. It was quite pricey (~$60) during my time in 2008, so i would suggest you shop around, if you can.

    Oh, by the way, i was looking fat too until 2nd trimester. the belly really popped out in the 3rd. I have been a silent reader for so long but i am happy for you :)

    1. Yah is for the advice. I did buy Shrinkx belly after baby binder. One is enough? I plan to wear it outside my clothes so no need to wash often (of course I won't go out with it outside my clothes lol)

  3. Anonymous1:03 am

    I think you arent showing much because you were quite active before? Like you had abs. Check out this model:

    1. Now I'm 6 months preg and don't look much diff from my pic in this post. I went for regular prenatal app ytdy and even the doc mentioned when he saw me- Wah your belly is still very flat for 6mobths plus Ah!

      Which alarmed me! Cos he is a gynea Leh!! Surely he has seen belly same as mine at this point!! Then he said its ok, can be normal, let's scan and see baby size.

      I was sweating buckets during the scan, but turns out baby is indeed normal size and on track for 6months plus. Amniotic fluid etc all ok amount.

      Then he said, it's justvmy ab muscles are tight.

      But still worried lol cos baby looked awfully squashed in there :/

    2. Anonymous4:44 pm

      And oh my sister remained pretty small throughout most of the pregnancy, and only ballooned at 8 months.

  4. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Ya lah, so it is just your ab muscles. The model in the article looked like she had a food baby (not a human baby) at nine months.

    Some girls just remain really small throughout their pregnancy.

    I think because your journey hasnt been smooth sailing so you get really worried. Understandably so... just hang tough. Just 3 more months. You are almost there!!!

  5. Anonymous10:25 pm

    It feels like you're having a Charlotte (SATC) moment, where she was pregnant, and didn't dare to go out to be active because it was so hard for her to get pregnant. Don't over think it. Be careful, but all that worrying is not going to help.

    Every woman's body is different during pregnancy. Don't worry too much about why you are not showing. There's no need to compare as long as the baby is healthy. You don't have to have a huge belly for the baby's healthy growth. Relax, and stop sweating the little things. Happy mind, happy baby!

    1. Maybe, but I was very happy going out and being active for the couple of months before the diagnosis and then the doctor put me on bedrest. I wld still be active and out and about and loving it if I didn't have this previa. ;/

      I'm even secretly hoping by next scan my placenta is no longer on my cervix so my restrictions will be lifted and I can lift things and can start doing the nursery etc. but so far no luck, every scan been the same,. The doc did say that based on its position, it won't move. But plenty of laymen tell me otherwise ... So hope it does!

    2. (With a complete previa there's higher chance of restricted growth (of baby, not belly) because of the placenta not being able to function fully being anchored over the cervix.., hence that worry is always at the back of my mind)

    3. Anonymous4:03 pm

      Aww, I feel you, Holly. It's scary, because it's your flesh and blood you're talking about. Of course you worry if the baby is healthy, and having all those problems with the pregnancy isn't helping. The thing is, there's nothing you can control here via worrying. As long at the checkups tell you that the baby is growing healthy so far, try to take your mind of other things. The medical advice you are getting, is the doctor taking precautions on their end. It might scare you to no end, but it's their job. Heed it, keep baby safe, but most importantly, think happy and positive thoughts. I think that's more important for you and the baby.

      Take care, Holly. Always rooting for you. :) And I can't believe you're having a baby. Feels like yesterday when I read about all your boy problems. Look at how far you've come!

    4. Bahahaha Yes boy problems... Loads of them. Kind of miss those adventures haha

      Thank you for your encouraging advice :)


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