Pregnancy Update - Placenta Previa

I was really enjoying the second trimester...Like seriously loving it.... despite the vomiting, the scary round ligament pains... I was no longer a high risk pregnancy, and was off bedrest... all these minor niggles that normal pregnant women complain about all the time.. fuck. That's all nothing!

I was happy my baby was safe... so what if I puked after every meal or have to pee 5 times a night. After the first trimester I've been through, those typical pregnancy symptoms were very welcomed.

I think a lot of mothers who have had high risk pregnancies will agree with me.

Unfortunately though, my joy was short lived. At least I got to enjoy being worry free and happily pregnant for 2 months in this second trimester. And oh boy was it fabulous!!!! Some of the best weeks of my life!

But at my fetal anomaly scan, I find out my placenta is covering my cervix completely. Facts are, a low lying placenta at a 20week scan is common (like 1 in 3 will get that) and it will move up and out of the way as the pregnancy progresses, so 95% of them will be a non issue by the time baby is due. However, mine isn't just a low lying placenta, it's actually covering the whole of the OS (cervix/birth canal).

Doctor said that with that degree of coverage, it will never move away enough to allow the baby to pass through. So it's a C-section for me (which is fine)... the only worry is, having a bleed before week 36 because of the placenta previa.. in which case I would have to stay in hospital, to control the bleeding, monitor the baby's growth until it's the safest time to deliver her.

I've looked at the forums, and some mothers have to stay on hospital bed rest for weeks. But even then... in that kind of situation, the longer she can stay resting the better! Because you don't want your baby out too prematurely.

So prayers for me, that we will make it to week 36 with no issues. Then hopefully hold out until week 37 (or more?) That's the best case scenario. It's looking like I'll have a December baby though, no longer a 2016 baby. (I would prefer 2016... but don't want to risk my life or the baby's life for that)
For now, I'm just on modified bedrest, so all the work that I can do from home, I'll continue, but all my other clients which require me to be mobile, or at events, I'm sorry I cancelled all those engagements. There were a couple of pregnant momma contests I wanted to join.. and I wanted to do a maternity shoot with my friend who is also pregnant... but I have to scrap all those plans now. So I won't have maternity pics, only the weekly bump shots I take at home, and will continue to take weekly for as long as I'm not on strict bed rest.

I really appreciate the concern & support from my friends... but before you think it's good to give me your advice, please google Grade 4 Placenta Previa risks and find out about it. It's already sucky enough I have to go through this... but it stinks even more when people who know nuts about this then pull advice out of their arse and dish it to me.

I've had things like-
"This is common. You're worrying over nothing!"      (My answer: oh okay, gee thanks)

"Huh? Why you want to Csect so early? Csect is best done in week 39, you know."  (My answer: Oh yes, I purposely want to deprive my child of precious weeks in gestation. And my doctor is a quack)

"What would women 1000 years ago have done?"  (My answer: erm... they would have bled to death at childbirth)

And here's a kicker... David's friend's wife said to him that "it's just a scan and the baby moves around with the placenta anyway, so the placenta will float around and be at a different place at the next scan."    (My answer: erm... no. the placenta doesn't float around, it's anchored to the uterine wall with some major blood vessels. It will move upwards together with the wall of the uterus as the uterus stretches, but with a complete previa lying over the cervix, chance of that happening is slim)

Great, so now my husband believes Dr Zhivago , and doesn't see the seriousness of this condition. It's just me worrying over nothing....

That's okay, people can think what they want. I'll just do whatever is in my capacity to prevent a bleed from happening too early, so that I can push the C-section date as far back as possible. So my baby will be safe.

The good things to be thankful for, the DNA test I took ages ago cleared her of downs and other trisomy defects. This last scan checked all her vital organs, and her size, and she is perfect. Father, I come to you in Jesus' name and through the blood of Jesus Christ to ask you to protect and bless the baby in my womb.  I condemn every tongue that has risen against me and my baby, in accordance with your word.  Thank you Father, that every good and perfect gift comes from you.
Pic of me out and about, blissfully enjoying being pregnant... unaware that I was going to get the shit news at the next scan!
It sucks to go back to a less active lifestyle, and possibly strict bed rest again. My first trimester was rough because of a huge subchorionic clot, but even though that was a bad one and very risky, we healed really quickly (in 5 weeks). This is just a hurdle, and this too shall pass.


  1. Loll wtf to the placenta floating around LOLOLOLOL

    1. Babe so far ur the only one I know whose complete pp moved away from the cervix. Am hoping for the same outcome (but minus the acreta ! ) though I know it's rare. :/

  2. Sin Ning7:51 pm

    Oh no, Holly ! :( So worried. Will pray for you that baby and you will be fine. And try to rest and try not to worry too much, ok? I know it's hard, but try to be so for the baby yeah? Maybe watch a lot of comedy sitcoms and read a lot of lighthearted books to take your mind of things. Jia you !

  3. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Hi Holly... Will send prayers your way... Do take care of yourself! When your daughter is born, all will be worth it! Jasmine Tan

  4. Anonymous8:37 am

    Keep praying. I had a breech baby and opted for the Dr to manually turn the baby. It was a success thankfully. Nothing is impossible. Regardless of the outcome, it will all be so worth it.

  5. Anonymous11:37 pm

    The part about the lady who said about the floating placenta.. does she have kids? She seems to be sort of having a pea brain.. so sorry for the crude comment but to say such mindless and baseless "shit facts" to a ur husband's friend who has a wife who is expecting and spewing nonsense without research is really uncalled for...

    I hope she will do some research before spewing nonsense at others.. OMG.. literally OMG...

    1. Got Ah! One kid who is now mid 20s . I think she meant well but .. Yah la... U tell my husband "facts" like that and he believes u cos (he wants to believe good news) u been through pregnancy before so u must know... But end up making him over confident of the situation and he really thinks it's no big deal now. Even asked me plan a cruise we can go on before baby comes... I'm like I cannot travel! I'm at high risk of bleeding and if I bleed, I can't even deliver on the cruise ship because I will bleed to death!! I need csection.

  6. Anonymous5:30 pm

    I totally feel you! During my 16 week scan two weeks ago, my gynae noted PP major on my scan, telling me my placenta was lying low and informing me of the risks if it never moved away. I went home and googled PP major and found out more scary stuff related to the condition. Major is grade 3 and 4, covering the cervix opening. A week later I went to another gynae and he seemed to suggest the placenta was just reaching the cervix. So I'm hoping mine has started to move away. Keeping my fingers crossed it would eventually move out of the way and hopefully yours too. Think positive!

  7. Anonymous9:36 am

    Hey Holly, first congrats on the pregnancy! I'm also having a Jan baby. You've had a rough start in your pregnancy journey but you've managed to overcome all obstacles thrown at you. This will be no difference. Have faith in your doctor and baby and I'm sure you'll be able to do just fine.

    You must stay positive amidst the shitty stuff. I would suggest that you go ahead with the maternity shoot if your doc gives you the go ahead. There are photographers who can do the shoot at the comfort of your home. You should still get to enjoy the joys of pregnancy. Are you planning to have the baby's first month party? Perhaps you can start your planning already! Focus on the positive and do things that make you happy! That's the priority. Have faith and stay positive!

  8. Anonymous11:04 am

    Hi holly, congrats on yr pregnancy(sorry this is late). Did u go for the oscar or harmony test? Which one would u recommend if below 35? Thanks.

    1. Everyone goes for the Oscar, even those over 35, that's the very basic one. Then if got any bad results with that, go for harmony or if over 35, straight to amnio.

      I just did the harmony cos of the higher accuracy, and the fact taht it's dna so I can know the gender so early (at 10wks). But it does cost about 4 to 5 times more than Oscar.
      I think Oscar is only 300$ plus.

      But I don't like to worry, like in case Oscar say there's moderate risk (very common to have false positive with Oscar) then I still have to do the Harmony. Cos I'm not the sort who can just sit back and say, it's ok, I'll just wait for baby to be born to find out.

      If money not a factor for this, and it gynea has this test. Then go for Oscar. Of course I have friends who don't go for any of that downs testing, and that's fine too. But if u want to find out, then might as well get the best one available that is non invasive. (Amnio is the best cos 100% but quite invasive la, so I wodbt recommend it at all unless no choice, like over 35 etc)

  9. I hope that you have a safe pregnancy too. This morning during a routine pregnancy checkup my gynae told me my placenta seems to be lying low and she has to see how it goes during the next appointment. 😅It is more to the side so I suppose it is a partial placenta previa. My 20 week is scheduled for next week and I hope I will get good news about my baby's development. Hopefully my placenta will move up in my 3rd trimester or I guess I will have the same risks as your pregnancy too. My edd is 11 Feb 2016. Anyways I am switching to NUH so that in case I do bleed and need to deliver preterm I can downgrade to subsidised class as nicu charges can hit 2k a day for premature babies. Good luck to us both!

    1. hi Koala Bunny

      you can still have a normal delivery with a low lying placenta. No need Csection. Partial previa is when the placenta covers the OS(cervix) but doesn't over lap it completely like mine does.

      Low lying placenta means its attached on the bottom half of the uterus instead of the top half (which is the normal site for attachment).

      Hope yours does move up (most likely will). And yes, good idea to go to govt hosp. I've seen a gynea at KKH already. Just incase I need emergency csect earlier than planned. that will keep nicu costs down.

  10. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Hi Holly, may i know your pregnancy update? I was diagnosed with grade 4 PP also and now i am so worried and crying constantly when i am thinking about it. When u deliver ur little one? Any bleeding happened before you deliver your baby? Thank you.

    1. I delivered a day short of week 36. Was on hospital bed rest for a week prior to delivery.

      Updates here

      You will get through this. Hugs

    2. Thanks Holly, I also pray that can hold on till at least 36-37 weeks before i deliver my little one. Currently doctor did not give me any restriction or bed rest and i am still working. May I know who is your gynae?


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