The Start of the Baby Bump

My bump finally appeared. hahaaa... on one hand I'm like yayyyyy finally. And on the other hand, I'm like oh shit so my stomach muscles were not as great as I expected bahahhaa, I thought my stomach muscles might have been able to hold the bump in till week 20 (5 months pregnant).
But nope, here's it making its appearance at 4 and half months.
My thighs are so thick siah, boobs and thighs got to this size within the first trimester actually (when I had 7kg weight gain). And now my stomach area does feel heavier (like when I try to turn in bed), just that it never popped outwards previously. (total gain is up to 10 kg now, don't know why so much... I'm not eating extra. I think cos my first trimester I was on strict bedrest for 5 weeks, and that caused me to gain that initial 7kg). I'm about halfway point now, no turning back anyway lol.

Those swim pics above were taken at the start of my vacation in Phuket, last week. And this pic was taken Wednesday on Rawai pier, so about 7 days after. OMG. It's popped out a lot more after a week (and I was active too, walking a lot while on holiday, so it's not like I'm suddenly getting bigger cos I'm lazy bastard).

But still if I wear baggy clothes, you can't tell I'm pregnant, unless I put my arms around my belly, otherwise my belly is lost in the fabric. I'm so wide, don't even dare put measuring tape around my waist since I got pregnant lol... I think it's true, girl babies = wide belly. Boy babies= stick out belly. 


  1. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Good luck ! - Amos .

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl! So happy for you Holly!!! :) Looking great, can't wait to see your precious little girl 😉

  3. Anonymous10:40 am

    wow...enjoy your pregnancy!
    They say women feel sexier when they're pregnant. How true is it for you?

    1. not really lol. I feel like I don't look pregnant and everyone thinks I'm just fat. And I;m so used to being slim and have taut abs... it's quite an adjustment!

  4. Rocking that bump mama! Love the motherly curves!


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