The Gender Reveal :) Expecting a Boy or Girl?

Before you watch the video on the gender reveal. Here are first trimester belly bump shots. Not much of a bump yet though. And I didn't take any shots earlier than 11 weeks cos those were like really nothing there lol, plus I was on bed rest and not in the mood.
Will show you all the second trimester belly bump shots at the end of second trimester, then we can see the difference, hopefully I won't be those super huge ones (stretch marks lah). Total weight gain for first trimester is 7kgs, which is a lot. Fuck. Will update you with the total weight gain once I reach the end of the second trimester (cos I don't have scales at home, so I can only measure when I go for my scans or doc visits).

Don't worry about my smaller belly at this point, cos the baby is not undersized, baby is growing on track and measuring exact for it's age so far in all the scans. I just happen to hold it all in for a little longer I guess. Hopefully this means less stretchmarks (but I doubt it.. my skin feels uncomfortably taut and I'm using stretchmark prevention cream already...)


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    baby boy? :)

  2. DanSmiles8:31 am

    Congratz! Pretty Mommy :)

  3. CeLesTin@12:49 pm

    Haha... i did guess correctly that u r having a gal!
    The give away was the pair of red shoes : )

    Take care & enjoy every moment : )

  4. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Speaking of shaving legs, you'd soon have to rely on hubby to help you shave your intimate region. Coz you wont be able to get a view down below! Happy shaving! hehehe Here's to a safe pregnancy! :P

    1. Oh great. Looks like third tri onwards I'll just have to stay hairy :/

  5. Congratulations to you and David

  6. Congratulations to you and David! :))

  7. Congrats!! Junior Mrs holly already makes it sounds like the baby's gonna be damn cute!!! Can't wait for further updates! Take caree!


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