Pregnancy Dreams are Whack

Last night, I dreamt that I was flipping through one of David's books and I found a note in the book. He had hidden it there for safe keeping. The oddest thing was that this dream was actually a continuation of the dream I had the previous night!

On the previous night, I walked into our living room (not the same as our actual real life home) and David sees me coming, and he rips a piece of paper off something, and throws the rest away. I find this odd. Can't remember the rest of the dream.

Then in last night's dream... I actually found that scrap of paper he ripped off, hidden in his book!!! Bahahahaa. I don't know what was on it. I looked at it, saw his name, and then scanned to the bottom of the paper and it was signed off with a girl's name - Carly Mae. Then he came into the room, so I  had to stash the paper back in the book and pretend nothing happened.

I think this is what you call a lucid dream. Because I could feel myself waking up soon... so while coming out of that dream, I actually thought to myself - the next time I'm back (in this dream world) I must remember to check David's facebook to see if he's friends with this Carly Mae. Wtf got to be continued ah??

Bahahhahaaaaaa. I don't feel that oh no it's a sign he's cheating on me or anything. I just found it all very entertaining. And also so weird that one dream can continue to the next one another night. Not sure if it has to do with pregnancy hormones.

My previous (ectopic) pregnancy I did have one dream very early on, before I tested positive for being pregnant. It was a sex dream. I never get those usually.

And then again with this pregnancy, I had one extreme sex dream (orgasm) about week 3 plus, just before I tested and got positive. That was an early sign for me. Apart from electric twinge feeling a few days before that ( I felt like an electric current in my uterus, like some tiny needle striking me).  And then a couple days after that I sat on a stool in the foodcourt and almost lost my balance, twice. Like I sat down, and then felt like Woah I was falling backwards off the stool. Felt like it, and I waved my hands like an idiot to regain balance. That never happed to me ever before.

Well, anyway, again in week 6, I had a sex dream again (omg if I told you who with, you would be shocked haha), and I had to force myself awake mid orgasm. WTF. Because by this point I had had the big bleed out the week before and was diagnosed with the subchorionic haematoma (blood clot) so I was on strict bedrest and had to avoid any contraction of the uterus. Glad that episode is way over now.

But since then, no more sex dreams. Only strange lucid dreams. Did you have weird dreams when pregnant?


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I've been reading your blogs for a while and I recall you posting about pregnancy in your younger days, specifically this post:

    Would be interested to read about your views on this now

    1. Yah!!! I'm constantly thinking about taht still and have not decided.

      My friends recent c sect resulted in keloid scar. And I worry it will happen to me too.

      I am leaning towards natural plus I'm at a private hospital so that will keep the bills lower. But my husband still insists we go c sect. He thinks women who give birth end up with flappy Vaginas (though friends have told me it returns to same size after).

    2. Anonymous9:35 pm

      My friend is of a very slight build like yourself. She ended up needing a c-section as after 24 hours labour she still wasn't dilated enough to push. She's had 2 c-sections now and has said her scar is small and barely noticeable.

      What do you think of the name Carly Mae - could be the name for your daughter?

    3. Hmm I don't mind either way whether c sect or natural. I'll decide closer to term. Both got pros and cons. I don't think I'm that slight built tht need c sect... My gynea never mentioned. He only said its good I gained 7kg, now I'm up to normal weight for my height.

      I dun like the name Carly lol hahahahah

    4. Anonymous12:06 pm

      Regardless of which birth option you choose, your body is still going to change post pregnancy. And we haven't even factor in if you wish to breastfeed your baby for a period of time. Your hips, tummy, breasts will undergo changes. It's inevitable. Your hubby will have to deal with it. It'll take some time for you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure. In fact, you'll never get it back 100% unless you're prepared to put yourself under an extensive fitness regime for a period of time. In the meantime, he'd better learn to accept you as you are. Words of advice to him: Stay loving and be supportive.

  2. Dear holly I read your blog from time to time. Hadn't read it in a while. What happy news! Heartiest Congratulations to your partner and yourself :) xx V

  3. Dear holly I read your blog from time to time. Hadn't read it in a while. What happy news! Heartiest Congratulations to your partner and yourself :) xx V

  4. Dear holly I read your blog from time to time. Hadn't read it in a while. What happy news! Heartiest Congratulations to your partner and yourself :) xx V

  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Hi Holly

    Both delivery modes have pros and cons. Whatever u choose (or the doctor decides--well u never know until the baby is out) it will be for the best! Enjoy your pregnancy! Really happy for you! Jasmine


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