Oh The Things Vain Narcissists Come Up With #DontJudgeMe

You've seen it on your social media newsfeeds. #DontJudgeMe Challenge, where people put up a video clip in which they first appear as their ugly self, and then put their hand over the camera lens, and when they remove their hand.... it's a magical transformation into their gorgeous self.

The thing is... people are doing it on the righteous pretext that oh... we shouldn't judge people on looks.. see how ugly I can look, and then also look fabulous after a 'few' changes. The thing is.. none of their "ugly" versions is really their true ugly. Come on girls and boys, for your supposedly ugly versions of yourself you wear faux nerdy specs (which are actually pretty trendy) and then you use eye liner to dot freckles over your face, and paint red lipstick like a clown... and freaking exaggerated unibrows.... looking all sad and 'ugly'.

Why don't you just show your real no make up face? Or your hair without any product in it? Why show a mock ugly face, that you know in reality is not your true ugly face, it's still a mask. And also you are actually insulting those people who really have self esteem issues, those who are the real victims who are really judged based on their imperfections.

#dontJudgeMe Challenge is really a see how hot I am challenge. Which is ok, if you want to show off how hot you are, that's fine. But don't mask it under some altruistic cause. So disgusting.


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Once again, a well-meaning cause that is hijacked by attention-seekers that eventually led it to lose its significance.


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