Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil Review

Life... it's busy busy busy!! No time to waste. I'm always multi-tasking... why do just one thing when you can get a few things done at the same time, right?  I've recently started using the Neutrogena Deep Clean cleansing oil. It's a multi-tasking cleansing oil. If one product can get more things done, that leaves me more time for other things... like getting an extra 10 mins sleep in the morning, or being able to wind down sooner after a long day.
Neutrogena's new Deep Clean Cleansing Oil does three things at once. It removes make up, deep cleans and hydrates. There are two versions- one especially for hydrating and the other for brightening.
Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil
This has Mulberry extract which contains ascorbic acid and niacin. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) helps inhibit the enzyme that catalyzes the production of pigment. And niacin helps to inhibit melanin transfer. Together this renews skin cells and makes skin look brighter.

Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil
This product contains cucumber extract which helps hydrate the skin and keep it feeling soft. Cucumber juice has a high water content and natural sugars that are potent humectants, making it a natural moisturizing agent.

Having tried both versions, I have to say they are both equally effective. With the Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil, my skin does look brighter after cleansing. But if I had to pick one, I would choose the Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil because my skin really appreciates the added boost in hydration.  
Use your chosen version as you would a regular cleansing oil. Pump an ample amount in your palm and then apply it all over your face.
It is gentle enough to use around your eyes too. This cleansing oil can budge even stubborn waterproof make up. 

However, a very special thing about this oil is that once in contact with water, it actually stops being oily and becomes instantly milky! This product is a non-comedogenic micro-emulsion that consists of water, oil and surfactants... so when in contact with water the oil transforms into a cleansing milk.
Once it emulsifies into a milky form, it nourishes the skin while cleansing. Work it into you skin. It's so gentle and non-irritating. The milky form makes it easier to rinse off compared to an oil.
After use, I dab my skin dry and apply my regular moisturizer. My skin feels clean, there's no make up left behind (especially no panda eye stains from waterproof mascara), yet my skin is not stripped of its natural oils. In fact, it feels more soft and supple.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil and the Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil are available at $29.90 each, at Guardian and Watsons stores.