Duck Meatballs? Oh dog treats have come a long way.

Now that I can't lift heavy stuff, I'm really appreciating having all of Lola's dog food delivered to my doorstep by KohePets Online. Before, I love their prompt free delivery service because I'm just lazy, and it's so convenient for me. But now, I actually really need it! I can't lug all that back from the shop, my ob/gyn said no lifting more than 10 pounds for now.
Also delighted to find more new stuff listed on Kohepets... like these soft meatballs made of duck meat... OMG... I wish it were for me. I love meatballs. I love duck. Lola loves these moist and juicy treats. Good price too, $5.50 for this premium delicacy from Korea. Made of 95% real duck meat so you need to keep in the fridge. No preservatives, no artificial colours. The remaining 5% is potato, Vitamins & Minerals. Very very good stuff.
 I'm changing her food ... again ... this time, moist kibbles. Just giving her a bit of variety from her dehydrated dog food. She does love moist food and treats more than dry ones. I try to give her both, cos hard kibbles are great for her teeth and gums. These Zenith Lamb & Brown Rice Soft Premium Dog Food comes in a 1.2 kg bag ($19.90). Perfect size for small dogs. Plus there are 4 individually sealed (and ziplock-able) packs within the bag. So your dog's food will stay fresh, since it's in small portions and can remained fully sealed longer.
 Lola likes a good chew before bed, and usually I give her raw hide. ( Stuff like pig's ears makes her lao sai). But my dog can get greedy, and ingest chunks of rawhide (not good!!!). So  I switched to these SmartBones for her. I chose the Small Size and Mini size.
Here she's having a Peanut Butter mini SmartBone (8pieces for $7.50).Even if she swallows chunks, it won't hurt her gut because it's digestible. Plus peanut butter is a yummy flavor for her. She looks forward to bedtime, and will wait around for her bone. When I give her the Small size one instead of the mini, I have to take it away from her after 20-30 minutes, cos it's bedtime. Lol. Then I return it to her the next night for another chew session. But the mini ones she can finish in 30 mins.

Highly recommend the Duck Meatballs and Smartbones for your pet. They both rank high on my list.