No More Long Hair

I know... I haven't updated in a long while... Think it's the longest I've stayed away from my blog ever. I do have good reason though. Will explain more later on.
For now, just a quick update... I got sick of my long hair and chopped it short. Haven't had a bob in like 15 years. Never in my adult life. Quite liking it, though I did receive some comments on fb about how it doesn't suit me. One guy commented "hello auntie holly"...  Hahaa... Then I saw his profile picture, omg, glasshouses and stones.

And this one guy on facebook, who I don't even know personally, took the effort to private message me on Facebook to say I should not have cut my hair. I'm so ugly now. I told him don't worry, it's just hair, it will grow. I mean what can I say, without being equally rude, right? Dunno, I must have really shocked and assaulted his eyes with my short hair. I'm enjoying having short hair though, so light and easy to wash and feels great when sleeping even.
This monochrome Cape and Dress from ClubCouture :)  some of the stuff I wear are not listed on site yet, but you can always drop them an email to ask abt size etc or place order :)


  1. Anonymous9:10 pm

    pffft... i think short hair looks gorgeous on you, especially here! love love the shots!!

  2. the first pic looks like final fantasy's yuna! that's a good thing dont worry, hahaha! but well, empty vessels makes the most noise. i wonder how could you bear the heartache of chopping so much at once!

  3. Some ppl are just so RUDE oh god..! Anyways I think its a great look on u!

  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Well, i think you look Great! =)

  5. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Are you pregnant? Congrats if so!

  6. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Very chic, you look young and happening!

  7. Anonymous12:43 am

    I love it, looks fresh & sophisticated! Gives you a sort of Victoria Beckham vibe IMO.


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