An Important Update

Can't wait until January, to meet our Rainbow baby :)  Oh by the way, any parents have kids born on new year's day? Any issues with starting school a year later or must they start school with the previous year's batch? Did they lag behind? Not like I have much control over my due date... but just wondering. (They also say first babies come out later than due date anyway... so here's hoping)

P/s Rainbow baby means the miracle baby that comes after a losing a baby. It's nothing to do with the LGBT thing... but I love that kind of rainbows too. <3


  1. They will start with the previous batch. I.e. 2015 batch when you are born in 1/1/16z

    1. Wah then it's quite shitty... Cos the kid will be a whole year younger than those born in early 2015

      Like those kids are already a year old by the time my kid is born 😳 Hope pop after due date

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Hey Holly... congrats! Do u know a lot of genius were year end babies? Haha!

    1. Really meh? My husband is year end baby .. But... Lol :)

      Just worried they start at a disadvantage .. A year is a lot when ur 5-6 yrs old

  3. Anonymous11:42 pm

    congrats!! and glad for you that everything's looking good now!!! take care! =)

  4. Congrats Holly!! Been hoping to hear this good news! :)

  5. Anonymous6:34 am

    That is such good news Holly. Like other of your readers, we have been gladly anticipating this happy news :) I myself have a three month old now - out will love being a mother!

  6. CeLesTin@9:43 am

    Hi Holly
    Congrats & so very happy for this long awaited gd news!
    This miracle baby didnt come easy but God will take care of both of u : )

  7. Anonymous10:18 am

    Congrats! Happy for you!!jasmine

  8. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Oh my gosh, congratulations Holly! <3

  9. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Just want to drop a note to encourage you.

    I had similar experience as your current pregnancy. Haematoma and it became smaller, then grew larger, then eventually went away. I was on bed rest during first tri for a month as well. Took duphaston and jabs.

    Subsequently, the gynae found an unknown body of fluid after the first haematoma sort of disappeared and he couldn't figure out what was it. That's when I decided to change my gynae. Apparently the new gynae's scanning machine was so much clearer and it didn't show any of such unknown body of fluid. Mind you, the scan was done in the same afternoon. Instead, he diagnosed it as low placenta and hence that was why I bled earlier. It's no biggie according to him. So I have no idea if the first gynae's diagnosis of haematoma was right or wrong. A big qn mark to me till date.

    In any case, second tri was a breeze. Energy moved up and I was able to shop for bb's stuffs. So enjoy your second tri!

    Come third tri, i had another scare when I bled again. Gynae determined that I was at risk of pre-term labour and I was hospitalised then put on bed rest again.

    Cut the story short, eventually I managed to carry my bb to full term miraculously and he's now a healthy 2 months old baby. Thank God!

    So don't worry. Just do what the gynae says and it will be all worth it in the end! I had a total of 2 months bed rest and it was all worth it eventually.

    Fight on!

    Ps: The late nites of bfeeding your bb will be worst when you look back. =p


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