Throwback Thursday - Steven Lim

I watched old videos of my date with Steven Lim (don't know how many years ago... Was before I met David lol)
Steven is an okay guy actually, quite a sweet friend till today. Just that he's a bit odd. Lol.

Enjoy the laugh! And look forward to the weekend everyone.


Anonymous said…
I'm a guy and my buddy is a girl, and she'll be getting married soon. I'm thinking of indulging her with a beautiful nightwear lingerie for a wedding gift. Any tips or do's and don'ts?
Holly Jean said…
indulging her... So it's not like a hens night gag lingerie gift right?

For indulgences, perhaps something from la perla. Like a slip or negligee . Think tasteful and material that is luxurious on the skin. Not porn esque or cheap China lace.

Are u in singapore? There's a lingerie shop at mandarin gallery which has top of the line imports.
Anonymous said…
And so I've just returned from shopping. Didn't buy anything. Just went to look around.

Question: What's the diff between cheekini, cheeksters, boy thong and boy shorts? Do they fit well with thin girls? Just for your source of reference - think of your built in 2009. :P (And by that, I sincerely don't mean you're fat in anyway today! Lol)

Holly Jean said…
U can google for the differences. All will suit thin girls ... Some ppl think skinny asses don't look good in any of those (except boy shorts) cos flat. But I am the sort who prefer less flesh lol , never found curvy figure attractive. I'd like to think all of those look good on the 2009 me hahahaa