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Some readers have been asking me why I don't write for MyFatPocket's Love & Sex column anymore. I still do...!! 

For the past month (and from now onwards) all my weekly Love & sex articles for MyFatPocket online are published in the Member's Lounge

This is Exclusive member's only content. To read my articles, you can just sign in with Facebook/ twitter, or sign up for MyFatPocket membership (it's all free, of course).
Here are some of what you've missed last month.. click the links to read and catch up :) 

Money Management for the Newly Married Woman

Dominatrix Inspired Sex Tips

Pay Homage to the Twins (Boobs!)

How to Hold the Power in Dating

10 Exercises for Better Sex

And anytime you want to read my love and sex articles at MyFatPocket, just click on the Member's Lounge tab on the top of their website.


  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    Just saw an old pic of you in the 10 Exercises for Better Sex article!

    You looked thinner. Haha.

    Now, don't get all self-conscious. I think you better today, with a fuller figure. Please remind Mr Hubby to count his blessings.

    1. Lol yes.. I do yo-yo around but I think I'll just keep this new weight on since I can start trying to get pregnant from this month onwards. Then after pregs can lose it :)


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